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    Hello all Texans! I'm in the Waco area, Lorena to be specific. I have a lovely rose comb brown leghorn hen who laid her first egg, then decided she must hatch anything and everything. So, for the last 2.5 weeks she has been diligently sitting on a golf ball and 2 wooden eggs. She talks to them and is not aggressive with me so I'm going to attemp the slip with new chicks at night. (I have a brooder if it doesn't work out)
    I know this is far-fetched, but does anyone in this area have any new chicks hatched or hatching? I'm checking Craigslist, JBJ Poultry is close, but I would like to see what all is out there. She is so sweet, favoritism here is obvious, and I would love to give her some chicks. Plus, I could use more for the spring laying season that she could integrate into the flock.
    Also, I have a standard White Crested Black Polish rooster named Jeraldo. He is about 8 months old, rather large in size, and I just don't particularly like him. I've tried to, I thought I would like the breed, but he is the chickeniest chicken I have ever met. I always trim his crest so he can see and he runs from everything. He must have seen 1000 chickens massacred by a lawnmower, because he will run right over the girls to "escape" its wrath. I think if a hawk showed up he would offer all the hens up to protect himself or just fall over from a heart attack.
    I live in a neighborhood and he has to wear a collar to muffle his crow, which he is fine with, but I really really want a large fowl, mostly white Turken/Naked Neck roo and do not have room for both. So I'll probably end up eating Jeraldo when I find my ideal rooster, unless someone really wants him.
    I posted in the TX forum as well.

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