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Oct 19, 2018
Hello Everyone! Does anyone happen to know if it's possible for a chicken to lay very small eggs, and then suddenly lay larger ones? I have a sweet chicken, approx. 1.5 years old, and she has been acting funny lately. A vet gave her calcium liquid, and stated that was probably the cause. Today I noticed that she was laying on an egg that was very different than the one she usually had laid. Much larger, browner in color. Noticed that her voice is deeper than it used to be. Another vet wants to charge for a visit, but yesterday, I had a vet do stool samples of the chickens, and it showed neg. for parasites. Vet stated that my chicky was ill due to toxins, from lack of calcium. Relayed that the best feed is the organic layer food, plus organic veggies that are indigenous to chickens, and natural food such as worms, etc... My chicken has received all of the above, and I am not sure what to do. Does someone have some experienced feedback pleeease? Vet wants to charge another $100, just to see the chicken, and typically there are additional charges for other things. Perhaps someone out there has some kind of experience with the situation. My chicken does eat (not as much as she did before), has a deeper voice, spends much time in her nesting roost. Love this bird. Someone please help, and share your experience. Thank you soooo much!!!

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I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.
It would be really good if you would look at all the threads that you have started, you have replies/questions on those and you have never returned to reply. (link below has a guide that shows you how to find all your threads)
Not trying to be mean, but starting one thread after another, then not replying is not getting you anywhere, you are going in circles.

I hate to hear that your hen doesn't seem to be well. Vets are expensive for sure.
Offer her a nutritionally balanced feed that is appropriate for her age - since she is laying eggs, that would be Layer Feed. Check your mill date, the feed needs to be fresh! Give her fresh clean water and fresh feed daily. Offer oyster shell and granite grit free choice. If she is not well, then she doesn't need any "treats" like corn/scratch, etc. You can give her a little bit of hard boiled or scrambled egg to entice her to eat her normal feed.

Can you please post some photos of your hen and her poop?
Feel her crop first thing in the morning to see if it is empty.
Report back and let us know how the crop is along with the photos.

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