Chick chick and 10 lil chicklets

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  1. StrayMagnet

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    Jul 10, 2011
    W. Georgia
    our Stray chicken who wanderd into our yard and her 10 "chicklets", now mind you she's not "mine" i have no clue where she wanderd from. but she apparently think she lives here considering My Kind nature fed her. so she laied 12 eggs under our side porch, I had no clue she did.. I just thought she visited each day for a free meal. I only noticed when she attacked my dog lol. I brushed it off and a couple hours later I go back outside and I'm presented with why she attacked our dog! 10 little chicklets!. I observed her and saw where she went with them, and found her nest.. unfort. 2 eggs were not hatched.. but I'ave yet to remove them as I know nothing about chickens. and was not sure if they still could hatch a few days later.

    but we enclosed our porch where they are to kep them safe. untile i figure what to do with 10 lil chicklets

    Their "home" for now Nice n shady, she nested behind that black thing in the almost top right of the pic. it's our lawn mower bag!.

    Chick Chick and her 10 little Chicklets

    awwww widdle babys

    they started to run till i said awww i wanted a picture.. and this lil guy stopped n looked at me. so I snapped it quick

    Mommy, not sure what kind she breed she is.. as i know nothing about chickens.

    If anyone has any suggestions. on them. how to tell if i have girl Chicklets or boy. I'd love to keep one or 2. and i need ideas as to housing for winter. i'm in Western GA. and I plan on keeping the mother Free range. but for a bit till their older keeping the baby's cooped mabey esp since they are lilttle and we have a big dog..
  2. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Mar 29, 2011
    She looks like a welsummer. Her chicks are adorable, congratulations! It is too early to tell if the chicks are boys or girls right now. If you give them a couple of weeks and post a picture on her of them we could give you a pretty good guess. The roosters will have thicker legs, a redder comb and wattles, and sometimes slower to feather out then the hens.
    Good luck with them. [​IMG]

    EDIT: I am not sure if predators are a problem in your area but I just wanted to let you know that from what I have heard, chicken wire will keep chickens in, but won't keep predators out.
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  3. StrayMagnet

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    Jul 10, 2011
    W. Georgia
    yea I put a cat carrier in there hoping she gose in it with them., I figured it keep them in. and unless I wrap the ENtire hight of the porch Iknow it wont keep out "stalkers" i just hope being shes Under a porch they wont "look" there.

    Thanks thou! now if a Milk cow, and mabey milk goats will stray to my house I could have a farm LOL!!!!. but it was a nice suprise to wake to on saturday!. so she must like our house to trust it for her bood! [​IMG]

    but she's welcome to stay and I hope she dose. still not 100% on how many baby's we will keep.
  4. mikensara

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    Jun 16, 2011
    New York
    awww they are cuties. why not build them a small coop and keep them all I would lol
  5. StrayMagnet

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    Jul 10, 2011
    W. Georgia
    lol you know that is just what hubby said when he came home.. "we should just keep them all" told him we could the hens. but we'd have to only keep one male.
    It wont be till next month when I can buy wood to build a coop. I should just put it under the porch where she already laid her nest lol.
    just got more figuring to do. Figure how much I'd need to build a decent coop. I live on a fix income.
    but i know after i get it going I"d not need alot to feed em. esp if i "organic feed" and make up my own feed. I been doing research.

    but all suggestions are welcome!!!
  6. jeanniejayne

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Welcome, kind momma - hen saver! That girl owes you a lot. and she sounds brave and fiesty. Hard to not love a little hen momma who goes after a big dog to save her babies! Not that your puppy can help it. They naturally are curious, and if something runs, instinct tells them to chase.

    Your hen resembles my Welsummers, but mine have yellow legs and feet, and your hen's legs and feet look greenish to me in the pic, and the tail set is a bit higher. The babies look like mine did, only lighter in color. They are gorgeous! In Welsummers, the pullets have very defined "eye makeup"-- the lines that go back from the side of the eyes. The males eye liner is more indistinct. You can look them up at Feathersite, or on Google, find the Welsummer club page. It is one of the few breeds that can be "sexed" very early on, so you may be in luck!

    Your hen's color pattern is called "partridge" , and there are some other breeds besides Welsummers that have this pattern, too. I am a fairly new-bie, too and still have a lot to learn. This is a great place to do it!

    You have given them a nice little place to hide out. An old dog house with some pine shavings (some sawmills give away sawdust-- I used to get it for horse stalls) is probably all they will need for a good while. The girls will start laying eggs around 4-6 months old, and you will need nest boxes if you keep any. A covered kitty litter box will work. You don't need fancy. Look around the coop pages and see some of the cool stuff people have made out of free things. You're gonna have such fun! [​IMG]
  7. arenea74

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    Feb 12, 2011
    [​IMG] and congrats on the babies! How fun to find this under your porch. Beautiful mom and babies [​IMG]
  8. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Texas, Panhandle
    She is a Game hen. I have a Grey American Game hen named Tinkerbell, and that chicken is the broodies of the broodiest! [​IMG]

    She went broody twice last year and hatched out chicks both times and just a few days ago I noticed she was running around the barnyard, which I thought was weird because I hadn't let te chickens out yet, then she fluffed herself up so I knew she must be broody. Sure enough a few days later I found her setting on 6 of her own eggs and 3 Guinea eggs to boot in an old rusty bucket. [​IMG]

    I also have a broody hen, Sophie, setting on who knows how many eggs under the rabbit hutch in the front yard. I'm hoping I can find them homes, don't want anymore mutt chicks running around!

    Anybody in the SE TX Panhandle want a broody hen and chicks??? [​IMG]

    ~ Aspen
  9. StrayMagnet

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    Jul 10, 2011
    W. Georgia
    oh wow lots of info.. my head is spinning!! LOL!! so much to obsorbe. I"m so use to reading up on "pets" im intrested in geting first before I get into it.. but this one just "jumpped" into my lap,
    I have joked in the past with hubby "lets get chickens n get our own eggs and chicks. and we can sell em at the flea markets or farmer market",

    but My new News. if you have yet to read it on the other threads. I put it on.. one of the unhatched eggs JUST HATCHED!!!!!.. so if he dose well we now have 11 chicks.
    I'm just worried. beacuse h's peeping up a storm n mom's not going to him.. and he's floppin all around the "nest". mom's been back and rolled around the other egg. and layed on it with the other baby's.. but the new hatchling is being her moving around n floppin about.
    do I need to interveen with him? how long till he's dry and up with the rest!!. oh im a nervous wreck.. I wish i stayed outside 20 mins longer.. From when I discoverd the quarter size hole. I may have seen him fully hatch!!

    wish I had something to put him in here in the house.. and lay him on my warm chest till he's dry and ready to go back out with the rst. but i'm afraid to touch him, afraid mom will reject him
  10. stuckinthecity

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    Apr 25, 2009
    What a pretty little game hen!!! I LOVE game hens... start out with 2, turn around and they each have 10-15 babies running around with them... Such good moms. [​IMG] I think you should keep her as your brood hen for future use [​IMG]

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