Chick with really bad legs.

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    Mar 20, 2012
    My wifes school has had some chicks over the last 2 weeks and the last to hatch is not in good shape. She hatched last Wednesday evening and has been isolated to protect her since Thursday evening. My wife brought her home on Friday evening and after lots of reading thought she had spraddled legs as she would just wobble around on her knees(hocks?) and fall flat on her beak.

    She wasn't eating or drinking much up to this point. Had to drip water on her nose to get her to drink anything.

    We put some band aids loosely around her legs to bring them in, in hope it would encourage her to use her legs but it only helped her to balance on her knees with her feet pointing up to her wings.

    I've read about the achilles tendon problems and trying to straighten her legs but her knees are sore and scabby and when I try massaging her legs trying to get them to straighten she doesn't seem to like it much and I don't want to hurt her.

    We gave her sugary water on Friday and Saturday and she has since started drinking and eating on her own. It's just her legs don't seem to wont. Her toes/claws move and she stretches them out when they're massaged. I just can't get them down for her to try walking on them.

    Is there anything I can do before I take her to the vet? She's due to go back to the school on Friday and if she's not right she'll probably be necked! I hate thinking that she is in pain and would rather her have a peaceful sleep via a vet.

    Any advice welcome.

    Thank you

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