Chicken ate herbicide?

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In the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
I just went outside to put my RIR who was out foraging back into her coop because my father informed me that he had just started laying out some herbicide in the yard. Of course I freaked because my chook isn't the brightest when it comes to what is food and what isn't. She could tell I was after her and I guess that startled her. Usually she doesn't give me too much trouble in catching her, but today she WOULD NOT come to me. So all the while that I was chasing her around the yard, she was pecking at the little pink pieces of herbicide. I can't be positive that was what she was eating, but it sure looked like it. She couldn't have eaten that much... but just in case, is there anything I could feed her to nullify the potential effects of the herbicide?

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