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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by sumi, Feb 4, 2016.

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    Aw, sorry for your loss! Ihi is not so bold like your Scout was, more of a middle of the pecking order type of gal. She doesn't get pushed around, but she also doesn't go looking for trouble. She gets herself into some pretty crazy situations sometimes, though. :rolleyes: I think it's a Campine thing. :lol:
    Alex sounds like a real card. I think I may own her sister. :lol: Ihi is the same way with being held and with all her energy! She goes bolting around like it's the end of the world, such a busy hen she is! Crackly, that's an oddly perfect description for her voice. It's such an unusual sound Ihi makes, it's so hard to describe! Only difference is Ihi's 'twin' is a Fayoumi. ;) They're more opposites by appearance, but get those two together and things get crazy pretty fast. [​IMG] P.S. Is that a Splash Marans I spy in the background of one of your pictures? :love
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    Okay, now I know why my ears were burning! I raise Silver Campines and have for about five years. I wish (there I go again) that I had more pics, but here is my Avatar pic that everyone loves.
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    @cmom could help you
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    hello thread -- I'm not on BYC very much these days, but i've similarly had a group of silver campines for the past few years -- they always seem more like regular birds to me than most chicken breeds: they're a bit wild and suspicious, they fly FAR more (and much farther!) than any of my other chickens, and they generally do not like to be handled -- but they are smart and excellent foragers. mine would love to be outside of their pen/run every single minute of every day, but i'm in a predator-heavy area, so they are limited to free-ranging when i can keep an eye on them -- although they're probably the only ones that would be smart enough to fly up into the trees to escape a predator.

    a few pictures:

    love the leopard-spotted chicks!

    and lastly, a recent video:
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    Those are some GORGEOUS birds, @Wisher1000 and @lawatt! :) Thank you, Sumi, for bringing some much-needed attention to this lovely rare breed.
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    Wow [​IMG] those are gorgeous!
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    Where's her article?
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    You're welcome! I'm so honored to be able to support this beautiful and critically endangered breed. [​IMG]

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    I could'n't agree more that Alex and Ihi resemble each other, most likely because they both have those ornery, impish expressions on their faces. And don't forget that glint in the eye! [​IMG] Your girls are sooooooo cute! W'e're planning on getting a Fayoumi sometime soon, so we'll see how that goes. [​IMG] Then we would have triple the trouble!

    It is possible that they might be sisters, come to think of it. When was Ihi's hatch date? Alex was a March 30, 2015 baby. One of my very good friends on here has a Blue Splash Marans who hatched the same day, came from the same hatchery, and looks identical to my own, so it's very possible.

    Speaking of Blue Splash Marans, yes, that is exactly what you see in Alex's photobomb shot! Does she remind you of Frou-Frou? [​IMG] I've read your articles and threads, so that's what I was guessing. By the way, I am so sorry about your loss of such a lovely girl.


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