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A small bantam sized bird from Sweden, Olandsk Dwarfs are a rare breed developed on the island of Olands, from landraces known as British garden hens common to the area. Their numbers were reported to have dropped as low as 50 in the 1980's. They were imported into the US by Greenfire Farms in 2012, and they are becoming popular in the US. They are an attractive ornamental breed, make good pets, and are a good choice for someone with limited space looking for a friendly little bird. They are said to be quite flock oriented.

The hens are fair layers of small white eggs, they will go broody and make good mothers. In the US they have single combs and clean legs.

They are very colorful birds that usually come in a splashed or spangled pattern in various colors, including red, black, white, yellow and gray.


Breed purpose: Ornamental/ Eggs
Comb Type: Single / Rose
Broodiness: Frequent
Climate Tolerance: Average
Weight: Very small birds
Egg Productivity: Fair
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: White/tinted

Pic by @Sebrightsrock

Pic by @Sebrightsrock

Pic by @BLaBauve

BYC Breed Discussion:

Do you own Olandsk Dwarfs? Are you an Olandsk Dwarf breeder? If so, please reply to this thread with the your thoughts and experiences, including:

· What made you decide to get this breed?
· Do you own them for fun? Breeding? Some other purpose?
· What are your favorite characteristics about this breed?
· Post some pics of your birds; male/female, chicks, eggs, etc!

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Very interesting breed!
I have a cockerel that is the spitting image of the first bird, but I was told he was an OEGB. He probably is, considering I got the eggs for free from a backyard farmer, lol....
Definitely a bird I hope to breed at some point - but I'll have to wait til I get out of the city!
I have two hens. I have only had them a couple of months. I bought them from someone close who is breeding them. They were very shy at first but are getting used to my three big hens that they live with. Just now stared to lay. I got them because they are so beautiful and I wanted some bantams. I will post pics later.
These are the coolest looking birds. They ought to be named Calico chickens.
We just aquired a pair of Olandsk Dwarfs. Two year old hen and one year old rooster. Today we got our first egg so the couple must be settling in to their new home!
We are very excited to have this adorable little couple join our farm/family. After she lays a few more eggs we will pop them in the incubator to check fertility. No pictures of the couple yet as they are being shy but I did take a picture of the egg. Her egg is on the left and our blue silkies egg is on the right for comparison. Pretty big egg from a small gal!

Can anyone give me a average size of a roo? Perhaps in comparison to a Class A Serama? Also any thoughts on crow volume? Although I'm zoned for roosters, I;m not looking to annoy my neighbors. Thanks in advance.

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