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  • does brown chickens lay 2 eggs a day

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  • does a brown chicken lay 1 aday

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  • what time will they lay afternoon or morning

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Apr 29, 2014
dear chicken people i have 2 chickens i just put them in a coop on sunday it layed its first egg on monay around 4.30pm and its now wensday and it still has not layed 2 of the chickens are girls and what time does your brown chickens lay and how many eggs thanks


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May 3, 2009
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If the chickens are new to your home, they will probably not lay for a bit until they have adjusted to their new home. Chickens dislike change, and the change of environment will interrupt their egg laying. The egg that was laid was one that was 'in process' when you got the hens.

Mary Poopins

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Mar 22, 2013
I have two Rhode Island Reds who lay early in the morning.

The majority lay in the afternoon between 11AM-1PM.

One Rhode Island Red and the Easter Egger tend to lay in the late afternoon 2PM-4PM and they make sure everyone knows about it!!!

Some of the chickens will announce prior to laying, these tend to be the quieter layers, and then there are those that announce to the world that they just layed an egg!!!
They will carry on at the top of their lungs letting the entire neighborhood know where to come and steal their eggs from!!!


p.s sweetheart that poll needs help!!!
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