Broody is when a hen receives a rush of hormones that makes her want to hatch chicks.
Her body temp rises, she cuts food/water/pooping dramatically plucks her belly bald and turns into an absolute nightmare for 21 days if she has eggs or until you've had enough of her crazy, cool her body and break the cycle.
Truly one of nature's miracles that can make you want to pull your hair out.:)
yep they do, none of my hens will accept chicks for rearing that have hatched in an incubator, they and the rooster are terrified of broody hen and know small chicks mean there is a broody around, 4 incubator hatches later they still can't get over their fear of a broody , yet only one has gone broody that is super mellow since their experience with a mean broody.
Cock and Rooster are the same. Mature Male chickens over 1 year old. Older, wiser, usually watches out for the flock, protectors
, usually calmer and not as hard on the girls.
Cockerel and Roo are the same. Juvenile males under 1 year old, young, dumb and full of stupidity. Likes to fight and test other males, raging hormones and can be pretty rough on the girls during their teen months.
Chicken run and pen=same. Coop and chicken house=same.
A coop/house is usually within or connected to a run/pen/yard.
That's a few. But there are lots more. Here's a link for more:

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