Chicken with bad leg: hurt or Mareks????

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    Jun 11, 2013
    I wished I would have taped her yesterday when she was walking better. Here's the history on our girl.

    She's currently about 31 wks old. We don't think she's laying yet, but there were two eggs the last two days that could have been hers. She was vaccinated as a chick for Mareks. We got her from the farm that supplies all the feed stores in the area with chicks, very reputable.

    Around Oct 11th I noticed she wasn't right. She was listless and basically asleep on her feet nonstop. I separated her from the other two pullets. She was barely eating and pooping green. After a week in isolation and hand feeding, she improved enough that my husband put her back with the other two. I think she may have gotten sick from eating rotting frozen vegs/plants in the garden, but not sure.

    Around a week later, we noticed she was hopping when she ran and not putting a bunch of weight on her right leg. We thought she injured herself somehow. We tried to keep her in the run rather than let her roam too much.

    After a week of hopping, she began to hyper extend her right leg up almost level when she walked. She was still walking, just looked really funny. She was also using the right leg to scratch with, just not very vigorously.

    Yesterday and today, she's not moving around as much and I don't think she's eating as well today. When I took the video, she really didn't want to walk, just sit down and rest. I can't tell what's going on with her left leg, if its okay or not.

    I've read up on Marek's and watched some videos but just don't know. Her leg doesn't flop out to the front when she sits. She keeps it under her. She has been sleeping in the nesting box the last week or so instead of on the perch and sometimes seems to have trouble getting out of the coop.

    I'm not sure what to do with her. Right now she's in the dog kennel just in case it's an injured leg and she needs to be forced to rest. (She had been trying to keep up with the other two.) I'm going to start adding vitamins to her water and the water for the other two today.

    A few questions:
    Does this look like Mareks? I know the video doesn't show her walking well.
    Can you eat the eggs from a chicken with Mareks?
    Should I cull her or wait and see how she does?
    Can you eat her if we cull her (I know my husband will ask)?
    We have a small flock of 3. What can I do to protect the other two? They've been in the same area with her.
    All three birds were vaccinated. My Storey's Guide says the vaccination prevents the paralysis. I've read otherwise here???

    Any help from someone with experience would be great. Our birds are part pets part livestock. We are new at this, just started in May.
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  2. Kids and Chicks

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    Jun 11, 2013
    Here is another short clip. The wing flapping just started the last couple of days. Before that she was pretty stable still
  3. A Bit Scrambled

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    Sep 24, 2013
    Hi. I am new to this too, just started in April. I don't know the answers to your questions, but have a similar story. When one of our chickens, Betty, was 5 months old, she started to limp and sleep a lot away from the other girls. When I looked up "limping chicken" on the internet, I found limping chicken = Mareks = death, so I panicked because I love Betty more than I should love a chicken. I drove 50 minutes to the avian vet. She wouldn't limp for him of course, and he said we can't conclusively test her for Mareks and if it is Mareks, there is nothing he can do for her anyway so he gave me anti inflammatory/pain killers in case it was just injured from jumping etc. I also read about giving chickens vitamin B. So I tried to keep her quiet (no jumping or running) and started her on the painkiller and also on bread soaked in liquid vitamin B. She stopped limping within a week and has been fine ever since. I wish you the best.
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    May 21, 2012
    Hi my girl rosie has had a limp for about 2 weeks. I have been to 2 different vets. 1st one said she might have sprained her self so he injected a painkillers. This seemed to have little effect so I took her to another vet. He said she was underweight and thought it was worms as she has been eating and drinking. She did a poo so he put under the microscope. Only a few worms (I do worm them, I have 2 girls). ANYWAY we wormed her. I have nursed her everyday she just wines and wipers. She still limping and sits all day I make sure she is eating and drinking. I don't know what to do. I have also notice her back tail end keeps twitching. Any ideas please I am very worried for her

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