Chickens and Kennel Cough

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    My dog, Kona, caught kennel cough from my daughter's dog who was visiting on Thanksgiving. The vet put her on an antibiotic and a cough med. My chickens range the yard in the same area as the dog. I am wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of kennel cough crossing over to chickens. And if so, what is the recommended treatment? They are laying just fine, have better than average appetite now that it is cold, and have no symptoms of any kind of illness. All advice welcome! Thank you!
  2. featherz

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    Kennel cough can be caused by a few different bugs (viral and bacterial), but AFAIK most are dog specific and none that I know of will affect chickens. (someone correct me if I am wrong [​IMG]).
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    I would say it's a definite no to your question. My dogs got kennel cough last year from our neighbor's dog (or at least I think that's where they got it) and the hens were fine.
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    Thanks! I am not borrowing trouble, but was worried.
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    Nope! My rescue came with it, nothing happened to hens.'other dog caught it a few months ago, nothing happened to hens!

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