Chickens as pets, Drug companies & how chickens are viewed

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    Most Poultry medicine has been geared towards the big Chicken Farming for human consumption and Egg laying market..... all in, all out. Most don't look into how MG, MS, Mareks, and other illnesses affect chickens in a longer period of time... because there really wasn't a need. But what about now...... What about all of us who have chickens as pets? Even a lot of Avian medicine is lost on how to deal with a chicken. I've taken chickens to bird vets and still left with as little info as when i went in ... just a bigger bill. We end up having to use medicines that are geared towards larger livestock. What if chickens were seem more as pets... would there be a cure for some of these diseases? A better way to treat them or prevent them all together...... since things could be used on a pet that can't be on food? It is very sad for me to see people lose their pet chickens time and time again to diseases that are not well known and the most encouraged handling of the situation has to be putting that animal down. I wonder if there was a way to get Drug makers to see that the chicken as a Pet market is growing, and that it would be a good thing to change with the times. That there is a need for new research into these things. I know to some, a chicken is a chicken, but even cows and goats have more medical research it seems than the simple chicken.
    This is one of the Biggest organizations for people with chickens as pets...... perhaps there is something we could do.
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    Hi chickenzoo--

    You have some good insights. Thoughts like this have occured to me as well. All the 'big' 'scientific' information is targeted towards commercial meat and egg production, where, IMO the rules are different.

    You have far more faith in the drug compaines than I do. I doubt that they would ever consider an industry less than multi-million worth troubling about. Contrast that with Robert Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz) who single-handedly advanced avian well being. Just one person. (albiet canary not chicken).

    Follow the money: research grants at the universities come from pharmaceutical companies and big agri-business, thus they get priority. (Meanwhile if I win the lotto, I will fund a study to help eradicate IC and MD-- or we could pass the collection plate and each byc member could put in a buck--- voila funding!) ;o) Lol

    Sorry to be so cynical, but I kind of think we are on our own. It would be interesting to hear other ideas on this subject!

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