Chickens Injured in Dog attack...

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    Oct 21, 2009
    9 month old Cochin hens attacked by a dog, one was killed in the dog attack, one has non-functional wing, one has neck injury & one has eye swollen shut. Our 5 other birds lost feathers but are doing fine.

    All of the injured birds have become lethargic, sleep all day, & will not eat or drink. 2 hens have been in our house (one for a week & other for few days), where we have been feeding with eye dropper (water & crushed layer feed). They sleep all day and will not eat or drink on their own.

    All use pine chip bedding in coop and box inside our home, get fresh layer feed & water, free-range during the day and scratch grains in the morning.

    Have started in last 24 hours antibiotic (tetracyclene) in water for the two girls inside. Both these hens have greenish or black, watery poop and both don't smell very good (could be the bird or the poop) but don't normally smell. Feathers aren't looking healthy now, losing weight. They were around 7-8 lbs each.

    We started the antibiotic since the eye injury is noticeably infected, smells bad, white marks and swollen.

    One other hen that is still outside that also got a wing injury from the attack (no noticeable wound) is also lethargic, sleeps all day but at least comes out a few times to eat, drink and sit in the sun.

    None of the sick girls will eat yogurt or oatmeal, their favorites! And fight us when we try to feed them with a dropper (water & crushed layer feed).

    What is going on with our injured girls? Would like how to fix them! Do they have infections from the injury? Why did they seem to get worse days after the dog attack?
    We have had a seriously injured girl before, treated the wound, she ate/drank on her own and she recovered nicely after a week. We are stumped. We don't want to lose more [​IMG]
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    I'm betting it infection. I would clean their wounds and pack them with neosporin. Not the kind with pain meds included. The bird with the wing injury could have a broken bone. Have you felt the bones to see if you can feel anything broken?

    Trim the feathers where the wounds are when you clean them. And a picture would help us out a great deal in helping you if you can get it.

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