Mar 8, 2019
It appears that my broody hen "helped" two chicks hatch today by pecking their shells away after they creating the first external pip. This resulted in both having a partially unabsorbed yolk, one is a little bloody, and one has a head injury (probably from an accidental peck). They are currently resting in a tiny brooder set-up to keep them warm and safe. I have been surprised at how loud and active they try to be.
Is there any chance they can survive?
Is there anything I should do to care for them?
I looked through, and unfortunately, I didn't know about the "chick in a cup" trick soon enough to keep either chicks' yolks from bursting. I did not find them until it was too late for that to help either. So far I have not heard any advice about what to do for a chick whose yolk is partially unabsorbed and ruptured. :(
One chick has died and the other appears weak so I don't expect it will live either. 😢 I think that when I found them I was just too late to help. Hopefully, the next hatch will go better.

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