cleaned the henhouse


12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
well i decided to clean the litter out of the man was that a big job.i worked 5hrs spread out over 2 day.hauled prolly 20 wheel barrors or more of well as leven the dirt floor of the henhouse.moving nests an stuff around.finally going to turn it into a 12 by 12 brooder house.since i have a 20 by 36 i can have a few hene say 300 hens.but aint getting that big.
I bet it looks awsome.
It's a job, isn't it? Cleaned mine last sat, I didn't think I'd ever get it done.. dumped all in the garden.... Everthing is nice and clean and my chooks are happy
h yes it was alot of back an arms are still sore from the cleaning.but it looks nice now.used the litter that i didnt haul out to level up their wallow holes in time i get dig camm out ill try to get pics of the really not much on taking pics.

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