CLose call 😥😥


Jun 20, 2020
England UK
Hey so my chickens going made i came out and this huge i mean huge light coloured bird was trying to swoop down to one my 18 week bantums i ran made lots of noise and flew off put all gals back in run bantum feathers look bit out of place but thats it thank god im in uk have no idea wat it was 😬😬😬
Oh dear, glad to hear they're okay. Flying predators have got to be the worst because you cant, legally anyways, dispatch them. I'm assuming they're free range birds? If so that's unfortunately the risk :( If they're in a run though it's best to put something up so the predators can't get to them
Sorry to hear, but glad they're okay. I'm had similar close calls, I would just keep an eye out, cause some hawks will come back if they know there is food there. Also make sure they have places to hide in cause this happens again.
We had issues with bald eagles and ravens but our roosters always seem to have one eye on the sky and growled when the saw a threat and the hens ran for cover. I also piled a few limbs into their free range areas for them to run under
It appears you free range your birds. Losses are the risk you take when free ranging and that is the risk you take. I got tired of loosing birds so mine have nice large covered pens. Now they actually prefer to be in their pens. Now and then I give them flock blocks to peck at and when I mow I give them grass clippings to scratch through. When the grass stops growing I get bales of alfalfa and they love to pick the little green leaves off of the stems. When I have let them out it's not long before they all go back into their pens but my land is mostly open pasture. I think they feel safer in their pens and they have nice shade in the pens. Years ago I planted trees in all of the pens. Good luck...
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