Coastline Poultry in NC...Experiences Anyone?

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  1. I just saw a different hatchery today. It's Coastline Poultry in NC. I'm thinking about placing an order with them. Has anyone here ordered from them? Thanks! rebel [​IMG]
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    PM Cody A - I believe they have had a positive experience with coastline.

  3. Thanks! sourland. [​IMG]
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    I placed an order with them last week for 18 eggs and received 25 very well packaged eggs. They are in the incubator now, Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks Smith! I was pm'd another good review as well. [​IMG]
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    You're welcome.
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    Aug 19, 2014
    I have recently ordered from them also. I ordered the hatchery assortment of 24 eggs. I left a note with my order for the breeds I preferred hoping they would be able to at least include some. I received 28 eggs very well packaged with all of the breeds I had asked for within a week of placing my order! I was very happy, all eggs were in great condition. So far I have 19 out of the 28 developing going on day 13. Some were blanks and some were blood rings of the 9 that didn't make it. Overall great experience with Coastline!
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    I too have ordered hatching eggs from Coastline in the past. They were well packaged and if I remember correctly, all 6 eggs hatched. Almost all of their birds are breeding/show quality and IMO the prices are VERY REASONABLE for the quality of the birds that you receive. I am planning to order more of their Blue Salmon Faverolles and Bantam White Ameraucanas this year.
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