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I'm very new to having chickens. Learning an immense amount as I go along. Here are my questions:

1. How do you know if you have a frazzle as opposed to a frizzle?
2. Is it possible to get a frazzle from a reputable hatchery as part of an assortment order?
3. Do frizzles/frazzles feather/grow slower than other chicks?

What I ordered was an assortment of bantam cochins from Ideal (I got some packing peanuts too

Thanks for any info you can share.
1. Frazzle is a double dose of frizzle. (both parents frizzle)
2. Anything is possible from a hatchery.
3. I have no idea....never done it.

From what I have read on BYC frazzles have some health issues. The only positive thing would be you get 100% frizzle offspring if bred to a smooth feather chicken.

Just do a search on "Frazzle". There is lots of topics.
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Frazzles are valuable for mass producing frizzles, but otherwise I don't care for them much. They can look pretty bad, in my opinion.
I don't know that I've seen many frazzle birds, but I have seen homozygous silky doves and pigeons (the silky gene in pigeons/doves is the same as frizzle in chickens). Those have brittle feathers, and the feathers are mostly quill. They appear more like porcupines, although 'porcupine' is a mutation of another kind in the pigeon world. Makes for poor flying either way.
I don't know if frazzle and homo. silky have the same effects on these birds, or not. I'm just taking a wild guess here in saying that frazzles probably have more extreme curls in the feathers and probably have weaker quills. I faintly remember seeing a pic of a frazzle, which looked very curly.
Hatchery Frizzles are often the product of a Frizzle to Frizzle breeding. It is possibly to get a Frazzle or Curly and I have read about them from many people in the past who bought from both McMurray and Ideal.

Male Cochins do feather in slower than the females. I have no experience with the Frazzle so I can't say for sure but I would imagine the feathering would look strange from the get go.
YES !!!! I bought assorted Banties from Ideal 3 wks ago and I have one of those Frizzle/Frazzel ones too !!!!
Mine is very pretty and I just hope it's a girl. Her wings are all curling and the others can't get enough of touching them with their beaks. They don't pull...just reach out to see what that is sticking out.
Doesn't matter what she is...I love her.

Rochester, MA
1)Frazzles are crossing of 2 frizzles, you don't always get frazzles but it is higher liklihood frizzle to frizzle versus frizzle to cochin.

The characteristic differences are their wing feathers are like feathers without the fluff. straight sticks. They have curled feathers that are backwards too. They also can lack feathers on other parts of their bodies.

Frizzles have fluffy feathers that just tend to curl backwards. They don't lack feathers anywhere on their bodies.

2)They can come from hatchery stock if one of the parents carry the frizzle gene.

3) Their feathers grow about the same rate as frizzles or any other chick. If they are not growing at all, they are probably frazzles.

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