Comical Show and a Dream come True


8 Years
May 15, 2011
Just got done cleaning brooder and my girls found a tiny shred of cardboard in their nesting material...I just spent almost the last half-hour watching them take turns chasing each other trying to get that strip of cardoard away from each other. One would grab it run and drop it--another would grab and play tug-of-war, then another would come in and take it away from both of them and off they all would go again!!! LOL.. I was there so long my hubby came to see what happened to me...LOL
Then I put my hand in the brooder with my arm at an incline and my EE climber up my arm to my shoulder (twice)!!! SO EXCITING!!! My hubby agreed and wanted to raise chicks too but he isn't in to it like I am- Never the less it did AMAZE HIM TOO-she did that:love
-I have wanted to raise chickensfor several years...and have been studying and researching it for years. He had chicks at a reatives he helped with in summers when he was growing up--so he is not new to this. But I am--but it has been a DESIRE of mine "forever"--now I'm finally doing it.
They are allot of fun. When I first told my wife I wanted chicks she gave me the rolled eye treatment. Now she also enjoys them too. They follow me everywhere. My wife gives them all sorts of treats to try to bribe their attention. But they still follow me (and Duke, my younger lab) like the pied piper! Mine just turned 10 weeks and are starting to look like they want to drop some omelete bombs!

We take treats out as a family and sit and watch them play football with the food pieces! LOL they all ignore the pile of food on the tray; but go after the one bird who has a grape in its beak lolol..
Oh, I can spend SO much time chick watching! And outside, watching the flock just be chickens. Suddenly one will do a little jump and then take off running as if it had a clear goal in sight, but it's just the grown up bird version of the chicks' "zoomies" in the brooder.

I wasn't the least bit interested in keeping chickens until I was 55 years old. I cannot imagine ever being without chickens again.

I am so glad you are now able to realize your dream!

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