Coop INSIDE a larger barn- chicken wire?

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    Jul 25, 2018
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    We are planning a 25’X40’ open coop inside our metal pole barn. I’ve been stalking this site for all things chickens and have found so much info!! My question is - can we safely use 3’ high pallet walls around the bottom of the coop, and then use chicken wire from there to the ceiling 9+ feet and across the roof? I know that chicken wire is NOT enough used outdoors, but we have the larger barn providing security. Hardware cloth would be $$$ and I’m wondering if it’s overkill in this scenario. Thank you!
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    As long as you are going to close the barn up every night, then chicken wire will be fine to use. I have a friend that has a chicken barn that uses heavy 1/2" mesh for the outside runs and chicken wire inside the barn. He raises around 7 different breeds and everyone is locked in at night (pop doors to the outside open and close on timers).
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    How secure is the barn? That would be what makes the call on chicken wire or not.
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    Generally speaking, chicken wire is for keeping chicken in, not keeping chicken eaters out.

    What kind of chicken eaters do you have? raccoons, rats, other?

    If there is a chance that a raccoon will get into the barn, it will be able to get through the chicken wire if it wants to. But the barn walls offers a layer of protection so that helps, but I think I would use 2x4 welded wire instead unless rats are an issue.

    Could you deck over the coop with plywood so that you have 7 foot of coop, a plywood ceiling/floor and some storage above? Just a thought.
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