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Mar 21, 2022
We have a small flock of Cornish Cross due to be processed by the end of this month. However when tending to them, we noticed on one of our roosters this skin issue? Maybe? We aren't entirely sure what it could be and Google has come up empty. Thought maybe someone here could help photos attached. Really hoping this doesn't mean we have to take care of the entire flock and start over.
That's a 'healing' injury. Any possibility a hawk or some other predator might have injured him?
We did find one of our Cornish dead in the coop a couple weeks back. We think something tried reaching in and somehow scratched her enough that it killed her. Possible he was involved I guess. No clue what it could have been though. Considering the coop was closed up and it was only one dead....also she was missing a toe which was strange
I agree, it looks like injury.
I'd clean out the wound with Chlorhexidine, trim the feathers away from the wound so you can see it better, then apply triple antibiotic ointment.
Watch that flies don't get in the wound and cause fly strike.

Something reaching in sounds like a raccoon. Re-inforce your coop with hardware cloth to help secure it and prevent critters from reaching in.

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