Coturnix leg injury - icky


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Aug 20, 2010
Ruffin, NC
I noticed one of my quail liked to just lord over the dust pan and was watching this morning as it rose a second. It was very lame in one leg!

So I pulled it out and looked. It's entire "drumstick" is swollen and a bright, nasty green! I can't see an injury other than something that kind of looks like an ingrown feather follicle. What should I do? Just give antibiotics and hope or cull or what?
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I was afraid someone would say something like that
Normally I'm not so squeamish, it's weird that I would be hesitant about it. Ok, digging I will go!
I'm stupid. I clipped its feathers on it's leg so I could see everything better and then I noticed it turning its leg out in an unnatural manner. So now I think it's more likely a badly broken leg. Its foot section moves out and in freely and it can't move its foot at all.

It is in a chick chair right now while I consider what to do and await more advice. /sigh
It's young, only about 10 weeks old. Yep, today I'm sure it needs culling. Leg is now permantly sticking at right angles to the body. It's inside in a small cage and comfortable (I guess) but yep, I'm thinking you're right. I have no idea what to do for it other than antibiotics and I'm not going to spend money on it. It's not like a beloved pet, thank God.

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