Cow Names? (and update on injured calf)


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I need a name for this girl!

Her ankle has shrunk A LOT since we first brought her home, currently it is a little less than half the size it originally was when we got her. The salt baths are really helping open things up and get the 'icky' out everyday. she is also getting a daily dose of DMSO to help with the pain & inflamation. Since it has reduced in size, I have started using the drawing salve again.. the woman at the feed store said this stuff was AMAZING when her horse's leg abcessed so i am keeping my fingers crossed!

Obviously none of this has affected her appetite! she's developed quite a gut and is getting stronger everyday.


Happy to be rid of that itchy halter!


She looks JUST like a Holstein heifer we had. Exact same markings! We named her Blossom.

Yours looks like a Holstein. If so, are you planning on milking her in a couple years? We've had several milk cows. Their names have been Buttercup, Olga, Bessie, Gurty, Jenny, Patti, Lizzy, and Dolly. One name that I want to name a milk cow someday is "Aunt Bea" (after the character in the Andy Griffith show). I just think it'd be a cute name for a milk cow.
My pet cow's name is Purdy. That's might be a good name for her too.
She is a Holstein, she actually came from a small local dairy.
I was thinking of keeping her but our pasture is pretty full up already. we have 12 cows and 2 horses that keep it very eaten down. I believe i have found a great home for her though, with a good family with a nice piece of property in lower Washington. It'll be a bit before they get her but they were fully willing to deal with any special care or needs she may have after they get her and later on. They were really just wanting a pet. I am keeping my fingers crossed on them but i have a couple other families interested in her also.
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