Craiglist scam? Help plz

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Apr 7, 2008
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I need to talk to someone familure with the Craigslist phone verification thing. I used it for the first time yesterday. Tell me, when you get the text with the phone verification number, there is an email addy too. Is it suppose to be your own email address or the person that you are buying from. I screwed up entering the number the first time and had to re-do it. When I did it again, there was a different email address attached and neither one was mine. How does the phone verification work? Please someone tell me their experience with it when it worked correctly. I tried using craigslist forum and contacting craigslist but I think it is run by machines. No people available! Lol!
Yes, I've read through that link already. I didn't realize it was only for posting ads. I'm hardly ever on CL and probably won't be there any time soon! I know it was a scam to get my phone verification code now. Thank goodness I didn't give them one!
Spammers try to get around CL's spam blocker requirements for 1 phone number per account by contacting random people and hoping they'll enter the code so their phone number can be "verified" for a spammers account, in order to post more spam.

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