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Jaeden Mckinley

Apr 2, 2022
I am starting this thread as a journal for a breeding project I have been thinking of for some time. I would like to take my mix of hens and breed them to my buff brahma male until I get the desired bird. My sire has already proven him self over and over again to be a survivor.

Goals for the bird: a bigger body bird, feathers on the legs and hardy when it comes to winter here in minnesota, medium sized brown eggs in color, and the bird can go broody

My sire for this project is SGT or (Sergeant)

Pros: Big, feathers on the feet, fights back against predators, has produced some offsrping

Cons: not so hardy in the winter, dosent keep his weight

I will show the hens in a bit
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This hen is a Euskal Oiloa, a breed from spain. She fits some of the things I would want in a hen, she is a winter hardy bird, lays contantly, and holds her own.

Lets call this hen Agent E due to the breeds name

Pros about agent E: Lays large eggs, produces healthy offspring, always laying, and is a very calm bird

Cons about agent E: Doesent have feet feathers, large comb.
More birds soon
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I have a few questions-

Why would you breed a rooster like that?

Didn’t you say you want a cold hardy bird?

Again, why breed a bird with a defect?
Answers for number 1, I have 4 hens that are hardy birds
Number 2 the hen was never born with crooked toes, the person we got her from said she got them caught in something, I don't know what really happened but I know she wasn't born with them like that
I have a few questions-

Why would you breed a rooster like that?

Didn’t you say you want a cold hardy bird?

Again, why breed a bird with a defect?
Oh and the rooster only chased a kid once because the kid threw a sand shovel at him, which I'm okay standing up for himself, and the kid was a family friend's kid that was a dink
This hen is a Plymouth rock her name is Galaxy, she fits many of my goals for the type of bird I want, she doesn't have the leg/feet feathers, but she does lay constantly, and is very hardy during the winter, she has always produced healthy offspring.
Pros about galaxy: hardy in the winter, large brown eggs, great foragers

Cons about galaxy: growth unknown, age unknown, length of molt unknown.
The pea comb of the rooster will tend to be dominant and is better for cold weather. It's easier to keep feather legs than it is to get rid of it. The quickest way to get your desired result is to hatch as many as you can and select them pretty strictly for what you want. Getting attached to specific ones can be a hindrance for getting the desired traits. I would go ahead and hatch as many as you can handle. Projects like this tend to ebb and flow as time goes on. I absolutely love projects so I can be excited for you!

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