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    Okay, maybe it's just me, but I don't like the idea of my eyeball being scanned everywhere I go.

    Makes me want a cave to hide in.

    But, on the Helps Police note... if only convicted criminals are scanned, at conviction not arrest, then this will only help them catch repeat offenders. New ones won't be traced, supposedly, unless they Opt Into the program. Of course, being the only one on the block who doesn't want to Opt In is likely to cause you problems...

    Then of course there's the flagging they mention. If you were stupid and stole something, say a belt, when you were 18... well when you're 40 and taking your kids school shopping you're going to be flagged as a thief... and when you're 60 and taking the grands... flagged as a thief. It would pretty much do away with the "Paid your debt to society" thing... your debt will NEVER be done. You will be watched for the rest of your life. Little creepy. Especially given how unpredictable our justice system is in the first place. Murderers walk free, and not scanned, so can't be placed at the scene. But the guy who got in a fight, served time, and is now out and being a good guy... he will get tagged as being in the area and thus becomes a 'person of interest'...

    Yes... yes I do realize I sound like a paranoid nut... but the flagging an old trespasser that bit was their words, not mine. If when they're touting virtues even they can't ignore that fact... or chalk it up as a good thing... who knows how far it could go.

    *sigh* Why can't humans just be decent... then there'd be no call for this kind of thing in the first place.
  2. debilorrah

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    Next thing ya know someone will be asking you take the mark or die.
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    My DH uses a Nexus pass to cross the Canadian boarder. Part of it is an eye scan. He doesn't mind it as it speeds things way up for him most of the time. He actually would do again if a system existed with the TSA system. So while I don't like the idea, I can understand why we will slide into a system that has such potential for abuse. I am not sure how it won't become normal for future generations.
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    Wow that is freak-en scary! I am not for it at all no way no how! I can see people being killed for their irises!
  5. ^ Supposedly dead ones won't work...

    But, doesn't mean that someone couldn't hack into this PUBLIC database and pull some switcheroos... imagine getting tackled because your hacker ex thinks it'd be funny to tag you as a murderer they've been looking for for years... if hackers can crack systems like the CIA/FBI ... if they crack them just for amusement... n'mind the ones that do it for cash... this system WHOLE new level of hurt when it happens. And I really have NO doubt that it will... new systems are like a red flag for a bull... come and get me... crack me if you can... it's a trumpet blaring call to all hackers... it's only a matter of time.
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    Jan 16, 2009
    Just a little paranoid, don't ya think?
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    Feb 22, 2010

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    We are truly in the digital age.
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    Basically like a cheapie fingerprint. People have been checking the identity of a check writer by fingerprints for a long time.

    Having been victimized by fraud I'm all for it.

    I'm not extremely worried about a future big brother 'dystopia'. Huge amounts of information are not that easy to analyze and tie together.

    I'm a lot more worried about a future 'Idiocracy'.
  10. ^I couldn't make it through that movie, it was just too stupid. Outta be labeled horror.

    Every new security system/feature, throughout history, the 'bad guys' have found a way around.
    That's why we've gotten to the point where this would even be considered.

    I don't think it's too illogical to figure that sooner or later someone will find a way around this.

    And the picture painted in Minority Report, not the criminal stuff, just that anywhere you go you get hounded with spam... *shudder* Worth it to stay home just to avoid that onslaught. I can just see me toodling along and suddenly it says "PineappleMama we heard you're troubled with irregularity..." [​IMG]

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