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11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Ok, we rescued a couple of drake ducks from a co-worker about a month ago and while their advice is not something I would take because of their lack of care towards their chickens(whole other story we dont need to get into!) but she made a comment that someone had told her and it got Hubby and I thinking and I keep forgetting to ask here.

She feeds Layena Crumbles and was told to do so because there is less waste than when feeding Layena Pellets.

We feed Pellets mixed with a scratch grain, about 75/25 ratio and yes.. there is a bit of waste to the pellets but they seem to clean it up esp. with the ducks...garbage hounds that they are!

So...... do you think that feeding Crumbles to adult hens means less waste than using Pellets or is that personal choice, old wives tale, etc.?

We have a couple weeks before we buy feed again and since Hubby keeps asking if I posted about it.... I figured I would before we purchase just to see what opinions are.
I think it's a matter of personal preference. I would think there would be less waste with pellets but I don't know for sure. I know for our ducks, the crumbles were really wasteful. Our chickens eat crumbles but they are all really small.
I wonder if she heard it backwards from how it was actually told to her? My experience (and the same with many on here) is that there is far less waste with pellets.
I recently switched my flock to Nutrena All Flock. I raised my ducks and chickens on TSC crumbles but there was SO much waste with the ducks. I didn't want to use Purina Layena because a number of sources say that drakes don't need the additional calcium. I didn't want to go to the hassle of switching feeds before and after laying season and there are no other suppliers of non laying pellets in my area. I also did not choose Purina Flock Raiser as it is mix of crumble and pellet but 20% protein which is high for anything but babies but especially for ducks.
The Nutrena is 18% and I provide oyster shells. One of my local feed stores offered to order the Nutrena in for me. I had no problems with the ducks or the chickens, even my silkie, with the switch. I am saving between 30-50% of the amount of feed I was giving to the ducks daily because of so little waste. Also, there is much less crushed "powder" at the bottom of the bag than there was with crumbles. Can't say how many pounds of powdered food I threw out because no one would eat it.
Most chickens prefer crumbles, but pellets waste less. I prefer crumbles and use those. If you have a nice, sturdy feeder that won't tip over than I'd just go with crumbles.
I use crumbles for my chicks until 14 weeks old and my meat birds(Cornish X). There is soo much more waste with crumbles. I use pellets with All of my laying hens and Roosters I started using crumbles but a lot ended up on the floor. With the pellets a few still end up on the floor but much less pellets. Pellets are cheaper than crumbles by 0.10 a bag here too! Pellets for me but again it is a personal choice.

Like everyone has said there is far less waste with pellets. But I tired pellets for about 2 months and my egg production dropped a lot. I was getting 10 eggs a day down to 3. Switch back to crumbles and first week picked back up to 7-10 eggs a day.
I dont know about ducks but I feed the Purina Layena Crumbles because I read that although there is less waste with the pellets they finish it up much quicker which could lead to boredom and behavior problems. If I have powder I just mix it in with moist treats.
I have a hanging feeder with crumbles and a rubber bowl with pellets and a rubber bowl for table scraps. This is in a hen house for chickens. My hens eat the crumbles the fastest, but they also eat the pellets. I buy two different brands, Layana crumbles and Purina pellets.

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