Daphne’s sick



Free Ranging
5 Years
May 13, 2018
And I’m terrified. I’ve called two vets. I’m waiting to hear back from 1, and the other got me in for an appointment tomorrow, which I think would be too late. She seemed 100% normal last night. She had stopped laying over the past week, but everyone else in my area said their ducks had also stopped laying. This morning, she is a bit lethargic and not as eager to eat. After I let her out, 1 full egg came out + a partial (egg membrane). I’m scared that she might have peritonitis. Daphne needs to be ok. If she isn’t, I think I’m done with ducks. I can’t keep going through this. It hurts too much.
Have you experienced this before? Perhaps the vet can tell you what is causing this if it's a recurring event.

I had another duck, Margie, who died after a very brief unknown illness this summer. Daphne has been 100% healthy and problem free until this morning. I’m waiting to hear from the vet as he’s currently with a client, but I’m tempted to just start driving with her as the hospital is 50 minutes away.
Not a bad idea. Hopefully they can give you the answers you need. I would say if the other duck died under similar circumstances definitely have a vet check it out even if she passes perhaps knowing will give you some closure and more insight going forward. I don't have ducks but have had some chicken tragedies and thought that's it I cant go thru this again. But then I see those sweet faces and know they need me as much as I need them.
I'm so sorry you're going through this - are you keeping the vet appt for tomorrow? I went through something similar with my runner not to long ago - so I know exactly how terrified you are. I think you're doing the right thing to keep her in a warm tub so you can monitor her eating and pooping activity. She may have just eaten something that didn't agree with her. Do you think she's eaten anything out of the norm lately?

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