Day 3- Green Poo from some chicks just arrived this am at Post Office


10 Years
Feb 19, 2009
River Pines, CA
Hi, I have been very busy reading over the past few weeks on this site (very helpful, thankyou!) and have just done a search on this topic without finding anything that seems to apply. My chicks arrived this am after being shipped on Wednesday (2 days ago) and are all happily spread out cheeping happily, eating, drinking, sleeping and POOPING. This is OK except that I noticed several, especially in the beginning, were pooping a greenish-blue color. This is especially evident on the paper towels and does seem to be diminishing.

I did read some posts about green poo and it mentioned that this might be due to insufficient food which makes sense since they had not yet eaten. Is this it, or should I worry? They seem pretty content though some have mastered the heart-stopping the "ooh, I'm dead- just kidding!" pose as they sleep which I am slowly getting used to. I wish I could fall asleep like that!

Thanks in advance for any counsel!

Patty N. ;-)

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