Detached and/or ripped out anus on quail chick?


Nov 27, 2018
Warrenton, Virginia
Just had a baby quail hatch out and it was taking a long time. External pip in pm on day 16, hatched early day 18. It looks like it's anus was stuck to the shell or too dry and ripped out out him. He now has two "butt cheeks" sticking out of him. No blood. Any suggestions? Attached pictures.
Nvm guys. His intestines all fell out and was body fluids. Had to cull. Still would like to know if in fact that was his/her anus that was pulled out. Thanks!
I'm so sorry! It does appear that it was a prolapsed vent, when the intestines are outside the body then the chick is very unlikely to survive. I would check your humidity level in the incubator, make sure it's as optimum as can be. Temperature and humidity can cause issues with hatch when they aren't what they should be. Sometimes a new chick will have unabsorbed yolk sac, which will sometimes absorb if left in the incubator long enough after hatch, but it does not appear that yours was yolk sac, it looks like tissue. The tissue in new chicks vents are really fragile, even pasty butt clean up, if done roughly, can cause this to happen. If a bit of shell is stuck it's best to place it in a wet paper towel in a small dish or cup, in the incubator and let the moisture loosen it if possible. Same thing if you have an unabsorbed yolk sac. So sorry, things don't always go perfectly, it's always hard to lose the tiny ones.
Thanks. This is my first time using an incubator (Janoel 12) and I'm learning just how often to check on it - especially with it being so dry in winter. I knew it was going to be a learning curve and not perfect, but yes, it is a still gut renching to be so helpless and trying to decide if opening the bator is the right choice. Then to lose something that worked so long and hard to make it that far, just to be nonexistent again. Life lessons.

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely need them in the future!

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