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    Good Morning Sunshines.

    Outpost I would say if she's trying that hard to get a Background check on you, she probably wants you for the job. Just got a feeling. Plus I've always felt you are a good hard worker from your posts and that's a desirable trait these days.

    We got a bit of snow yesterday. Probably 6 inches. And then on top of the highways it rained and froze. So we have just "lovely" roads around here. Slippery....

    Sounds like some new chicks on the horizon here for some. I've been thinking about some Ameraucanas or Cream Legbars from some local breeders. I want some more blue eggs. I'm itchy for spring that is for sure.
  2. vehve

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    Mmm, sounds good. Mars bars are a bit too sweet in my opinion. The ones I sent have a bit higher cacao content, but there's also a lot of higher % chocolates available. Something around 70-80% is really nice with a cup of espresso. But just a piece or two.
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    Yeah he/she does, I'm hopping female, despite the feathers the comb is tiny and peach. We will see. I don't really want to eat the bantams... But I guess one per plate...
    Duck eggs are 11% developed according to my hatching app ( thanks JW12)
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    Really high coco content makes me feel funny... Sorta buzzed or something... I don't like it... The 70% and higher range
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    Yeah, it's not something you should eat a lot of. But an half an ounce a day supposedly is pretty healthy for you. It should be kept away from dogs though. That's the positive thing about the crappier chocolates, they aren't nearly as harmful to dogs.
  6. hennible

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    Never thought about that, but yeah it would be.
  7. vehve

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    Around here, the most common accidental poisonings of dogs are caused by chocolate, xylitol gum, raisins/grapes, and rat poison.
  8. [​IMG]oh noes


    so cute

    only 3? [​IMG]
  9. hennible

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    Yeah just 3, I had some control...
  10. [​IMG]
    I haven't had any chocolate in the house in 2 weeks except for those stale Oreo's I scarfed the other day...[​IMG]so I am off to grab some when I go out later.

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