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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Amberjem, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Mar 31, 2014
    Thankfully little girl is off school today. If I was a betting woman, I'd say she will be off tomorrow as well. We are under a winter storm warning. Thursday and Friday look even worse. Next year, I will have heated waterers. @vehve , How is your homemade waterer working?
  2. vehve

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    It's working fine, but we've only been down to about -5C

    Well, Virpi hasn't really improved today... we've been force feeding her a couple of times this evening, we'll see if it she's more active tomorrow. If not, I think it's time to cull. In the morning she was still eating by herself, but not anymore this evening.
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    Jul 10, 2014
    Hello Amberjem, my fav recipes? Gee I have so many...
    I love the Pralines and colonial Williamsburg Orange cake my mom used to make. I love the Lasagna I learned to improve on my old recipe during one of my trips to Italy. In France I learned there are croissants and there are Croissants. The had folded chocolate chips and spread orange marmalade for several layers instead of all layers using butter. I love the Chocolate Cherry Black Forrest cake from Germany. So many Tapas to choose from in Spain. How easy those Spring rolls and sushi I learned in California. But my fav, my fav,... Deep fried Chicken breast on beer batter waffles with fried green tomatoes and one of the thousands of cheesecake recipes I have. Hey you can take the gal out of the country but you cant take the country out of the gal. I love making candy & decorating cakes. My mom made the best candies and she never went to any world famous cooking schools. She learned from her mom. My mom could make her buttermilk biscuits and beef vegetable soup taste great on a dime. Her chicken and pastry could rival any of the chefs teaching. No kidding. She could feed our large family on next to nothing, then I went to cooking schools where they did not seem to care about the costs. But nothing actually went to waste. Thanks for asking.
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    wow.... that is so sad.....

    maybe being broody ran her down and then she picked up an infection of some kind [​IMG]
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    Al, I think it's mainly due to the broodiness. She's so wasted away, that just the state of malnourishment might be the cause of pain.
  7. wow who knew my tablet could work magic on your phone too?

    @Amberjem <--see what I did there? LOL It's too cold for me to concentrate so sprouts have stopped for a bit. I did 3 rounds and lost track. I need warmth asap. I'm losing it.

    Nice. Once I reread my soak times, my sunflower seed project worked great. [​IMG]

    I hope she improves. Such a bummer.
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    Have you tried coconut oil (solid), or maybe small amounts just melted and fed by medicine syringe? I've read on the natural thread of people using for sour crop, so I know it's safe for chickens. They would feed the solid form as much as the chicken would like and nothing else but water for 3-5 days. It would give her some much needed calories and nutrients, plus it's good at fighting things (I think bacteria and fungi, can't remember all it fights). Our chiropractor a while back recommended it to my kids when they had the beginning of a sore throat so I will give them a spoonful with some raw honey. Couldn't hurt at this point if you're thinking she's bad enough to cull. [​IMG]
    I really hope she turns around [​IMG]
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    I feed my birds coconut oil from time to time. The young ones had some the other day topped with five star nutritional yeast...
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    Yum! Especially true French croissants and the deep fried chicken and waffles! I've always wanted to travel the world like you have! I've done a bit, but nowhere near that amount. We are going to Ireland next month though - DH's granny is turning 90 so we'll be celebrating with her and we'll celebrate our 10 year anniversary a month early (I've been twice before, once when we were first married and I was six months pregnant with my son, and the second time was our 5 year anniversary). We saw different sides of DH's family each time. I love Ireland and the food and scenery are delicious. In fact, @vehve , your breakfast the other day reminded me of an Irish breakfast with the eggs and beans. Can't wait for that!

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