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    JWB, that doesn't sound very motherly... but I know nothing of bunnies so far (in practice). I would have thought the doe tries to keep them warm?
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    Nov 3, 2010
    Good morning everyone! It's a heat wave at 22°F! Maybe some of this white crud will melt later once the sun gets out.

    My ducks are crossing their legs and a few of the chickens are too @Outpost JWB!

    Drunk outside? Maybe I need a break cause I'm pretty sure I'm reading that wrong!

    Some bunnies are very attentive mothers who will sit with their babies 24/7, others not so much. Usually the kits keep themselves fairly warm as long as they have enough fur, bedding, and siblings to pile up in.
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    Well, I hope our bunny is going to be of the more attentive sort, it's going to be a bit cold still when we're planning on having our first litter.

    In sprouting business, the sprouts are now living on my desk. The peas have been growing nicely, but the chickens aren't particularly interested in them. In an effort to combat our molding issues, we've been soaking the grains in a mild vinegar solution at first. This seems to be combating mold excellently, but apparently it's also killing most of the grains. So I think next I'm going to try soaking them in water over night, then maybe half an hour in mild vinegar, and then rinsing properly before moving them to the tower. Or then I might just try without the vinegar. The improved ventilation and cooler temp should help with the mold issue too.
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  5. too tired to cook LOL

    Aren't they?
    Yeah, we had popcorn nuggets for dinner, everyone actually eats and none goes to waste (a rarity for fast food here)
    Gonna check out that app


    I miss XP s much. It just worked.
    Woohoo! [​IMG]
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    7 has sort of the same feel as xp had... Vista was a complete dud. The metro UI in 8.1 I really dislike, and a lot of things are missing from the desktop view. But, rumor has it 10 will be a lot better.

    Steaks for dinner tonight, I've got some beautiful entrecôte thawing. Karin's dad had bought a 2 kg hunk of it for us last weekend, he found it for 9.90€/kg, and it's Finnish meat. A steal, really. I cut it up into 14 steaks and threw them in the freezer.
  7. The DD has 7 on Toshiba laptop from 2011
    DS has Vista on HP laptop from 2009
    both terrible machines

    I have an old XP, which I love, that I now run Linux on a disk and my new tablet has 8.1. LOL

    Steak sounds good, I'll be there later.[​IMG]
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    Nov 5, 2012
    Ellendale, TN
  9. Mahen100

    Mahen100 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 5, 2012
    Ellendale, TN
    I am in good company. Sigh....R.I.P. XP.
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    We have mostly the same climate so I'm gonna give this a try. Plus it's an extra day of candling.

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