do babies always get this attached?


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Well, I have two bantam cochin babies, fully feathered, but, still too little for the coop.

The first day the little roo was a pecking fiend, now he and his sister are very attached to their humans, I got them settled at night, fluffed up their bed ....
, gave them their night time scratch, the female flew at me trying to get a perch on me. They are super clingy, I have to fight them off when I open their crate door, they want to snuggle.
Is that normal for Cochins or other little ones to be so needy to their humans. I think its cute, but, feel bad for them, as they cry when I shut the light out for night.
its normal if you spend enough time with them, but trust me, that is a blessing, try to keep the bond as they grow uo it is so much easier and less stressfull to raise chickens when they arent terrified of you
OMG that is so adorable. Our first 2 chickens are still the best we ever had (probably due to getting so much attention). They still let us pick them up any time we want. Now we have tons of chickens and each one only gets held about once a day (when I put them in their coop, one by one, since they prefer sleeping on our porch unfortunately). I think that's great that your babies get so much attention. Good job Mama Hen! Hmmm, maybe you should change your UserName to MamaHen (oops - I just checked and it's taken, but the person only used the name a few times and then left BYC in 2007 I guess). Maybe "MamaHen2" or "SweetMamaHen"
I tell people all the time that if you hug it and love it and squeeze it and call it george it will give it all back to you. Some breeds a little more than others. Cochins large and bantam in my opinion are really just fluffy lap critters. I have one LF buff cochin that will hunt me down and stand right in front of me till I pick her up. Once I do pick her up she snuggles in my ponytail and makes the strangest noises. It's almost like she is saying thanks mom!
Be thrilled. It's such a treat when your flock loves you.
Our flock of 7 (4 RIR's & 3 BR's) are 24 wks old today. They follow us (me especially) around the back yard. IF I dare go into the house for just a minute they are ALL waiting by the door for my return. When I go into their yard with treats I usually trip over a couple as they crowd the door all wanting to be first at sitting on my arm on going through my pockets looking for treats. What can I say I have way to much time on my hands. I planned on spoiling our flock, my motive - eggs. We started receiving eggs on Labor Day.
now see. Our baby cochins aren't like that...

I picked them up every day and MAKE a point of it.... I'm in the sunroom a lot too. that's where they are at the moment. they're only 2-3 wks old...

They look up when they hear the door and they peep at me, but once i try to put my hand in there, they run away from me....
Maybe they're a little bit better now, b/c they know i feed them and change their water every day, sometimes multi times a day, depending what's in it...

But they still don't love me, like yours does...
try feeding them treats out of your hand and let them stand in your hand and eat out of it but dont pick them up, that way they can learn to trust you more, for some reason not all of them like to be held, my goslings thought i was there dad and followed me everywhere but would run and scream when i tried to pick them up
they are super cute. I woke them up this morning, gently. they got up, stretched, pooped,
chirped, had a snack. then came for their scratches, they both tried very hard to get out, the female perched on my hand right away.
I'll let them out to play later, the dogs bark when I lock them out and nightshift hubby is trying to sleep.

The female laid on my daughters back yesterday, playing in her hair. THe roo , no pecking from him today. He is just as sweet now as the female.
I think I lucked out with some great personality chicks. my daughter is so in love with them.

I might have to change my name, now that I'm a chickenmom. haha.
sweetmamahen, cute.
I love threads like these. I have four 5-wk-old Ameraucana chicks that are attached to us. The first day we put them outside to live, all four of them flew at my husband and I - two perched on him and two on me. We have given them a ton of attention since the day they hatched, and I think that makes all the difference. However, I do have a 5 mo old black Silkie cockerel that I got at 3 weeks of age that had never even been touched by a human, but now he follows me around the yard and will actually try to help lift himself up whenever I pick him up. I love it.
I have 8 ready to lay pullets and 3 roos that greet me at the pasture gate, no matter how many times a day I go in. Some of them want to be picked up, others just to be acknowledged, (and some just want to see if I have anything to eat!) I love the responsiveness of these birds. 2 of the roos were in my first batch of chicks, hand raised. Four of the girls I called out of the seller's coop -- they came to me when I invited them, so those were the ones I bought...and the others just started following the example of those six... Of course, I have a total of somewhere around 250 chickens at the moment, and only about 40 of them are that friendly, so ENJOY! They'll form a lifetime habit of being your companions... Oh, yeah -- I keep a rooster, a rabbit, a bantam roo and hen in the house and a pullet in the mudroom...and 8 more birds on the porch...I have 6 chicken houses and 5 more pens, not counting the ducks...

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