Do bearded Silkies compete with non-Bearded?

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Nov 17, 2016
The answer is yes and no.
They are all divided into varieties and first judged as the variety and sex. So say you're showing a bearded white hen the first round you only go up against the other bearded white hens.
If you win you get best bearded white hen.
Then round two is the best pullet, cockerel, hen, cock bearded white silkies. If you win that you are awarded best of variety for bearded white silkie.
You then go to best of breed which is the winners from each variety so you'll be the only bearded white silkie going up against the other colors and bearded and non bearded. Then on up from there.
Make sense?
So the answer is no you don't if you don't do well but yes if you do.

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