Does anyone have there dog SHAVED in the spring/ summer?


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Mar 9, 2008
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I groomed dogs and I am appauled at how many people brought their beautiful golden retreivers, border collies, pomeranians, etc. in to be SHAVED becuase it is either "too hot" or just not easy to brush out. The grooming parlor I worked at refused to do any shaving on dogs unless absolutely necesary to remove a matt of fur or around a cut for many reasons. I found an article that explains it all. It's mainly about how important fur is to a dog and how it helps them keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Also, if you shave a dog down to the skin, remember that dogs have NO natural tanning ability, and youve removed there protective oils. Also, the coats will grow in thicker and more wirey after a shavedown, (thats unnatractive and hard to brush out!)

Heres the article>>

, this groomer shop requires that any owner who wants to shave there dog down must sign a liability contract for skin diseases and unnatractive coats that might develop from the harmful effects of shaving. (link below)
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I do shave my pomeranian but it's mostly because I can't keep up with his hair.... but hes gonna be 9 and has never had an issue. But good info!!


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I have never shaved my dogs just for those reasons. I have had to clip my Chow down real short when I miss a few days of brushing. If I keep up on the brushing, even my thick coated Chow fare nicely in the summer.

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My Sheltie has passed on but (Since we don't live in the Shetland Islands) I did used to have her shaved every May. Not to the skin but pretty short. She'd go to the groomer as a blue merle sheltie and come home looking like a blue healer. She was much more active/happy shaved for Summer. Her guard hairs grew back very quickly. If we didn't have this done by June she was miserable under that coat. She had a very very heavy coat. She was regularly groomed and brushed by me all year round, No mats. Chloes' annual shave was vet approved. I was always a little sad to see the coat go in the Spring-She was a beauty in full coat. My brother's Sheltie does well in full coat during the Summer but she has about 1/2 the coat that Chloe did. Maybe Chloe's coat density was unusual.?

Coat thickening as a dog ages is a breed characteristic. Dogs have a certain number of hair follicle period-The don't get more. The texture of a coat is breed, environmental and diet related.

I don't agree with shaving a pet for your convenience-If you are not willing to care for their coat-Get a different breed. Of course there are exceptions to this, like breeds that don't shed and have continuosly growing hair-poodles, yorkies, schnauzers etc. They need to be clipped regularly.

Remember that we humans bred these dogs for certain characteristics-they were not a product of natural selection. All breed characteristics are a product of genetic mutations perpetuated by humans.

I have 2 boxers that have very sparse hair on their muzzles by their noses and I regularly apply sunscreen to that area.

I did read the article and the Author makes some good points. However-The Author seems to site an incident with only 1 dog. The Author also neglects to mention the more damaging effects of frequent bathing inremoving natural oils. The Author also does not site any personal credentials.


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I have a Cocker Spaniel and I shave her every year, usually around May. I have not noticed any ill effects of doing so, she actually runs around and seems to enjoy it.


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i guess if it's an outside dog and things like parasites and sandspurs are an issue shaving is ok. i have short hair dogs so it's never been an issue.
when i first moved here a neighbor had a very friendly St Bernard / Collie mix. as he got older and continued his rambling ways it became obvious that he needed to be shaved to apx 25%. poor Barney seemed to know he looked a little goofy.
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