Does hen need to raise chicks in same nest?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by palrusty12, Sep 23, 2017.

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    My broody is hatching right now. I have her set up in a 4x8 pen we made out of our chicken tractor and attached to the chicken yard. We use it to help integrate new flock members. Until I closed her in 3 weeks ago it was open to all the ladies roaming in and out.

    I'm less worried about mama and chicks integrating in a week when I give them access to the whole yard as I am about all the other girls being fascinated with her nest and causing a ruckus crowding what has been her safe space.

    When we open the door for new flock members its not an issue, but she needs her "home base" to go back too? Or does she?

    Any ideas?
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    Some will return to the original nest sight at night for a while and some go elsewhere, so you will just have to wait and see what her preference is.
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    Things work more smoothly when hen knows where she is going to roost with brood each night before she goes there. When she is forced to relocate, it usually causes hen and brood to take additional time and dysfunction to settle in.
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    You will find that a broody will nest wherever the chicks end up. Her first instinct is to provide for their heat needs. She will fulfill that function wherever and whenever the chicks signal they need her to cover them.

    That said, if you need to move the brood to a new nest, best to do it at night, moving the chicks into the nest first, then letting the broody follow and reunite with the chicks. Keeping disruptions to a minimum is best for all.

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