Dog got a hold of my hen.

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    Aug 12, 2011
    My dog got a hold of my hen today, she is alive and her breathing sounds a little rattley. I dont know what to do or what to try to feed her to build her strength up. I have her wrapped up in towels in a warm area, I have given her some water. Her eyes are shut and her head drupsand she does move her feet a bit but she is just resting. Any answers soon would be great, Thanks..
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    I would definitely keep her isolated and in a warm and safe area. Do not force water or feed as if she has internal injuries you could make it worse. If she is in shock and not physically injured she needs rest, quiet, lots of TLC and little handling. Food and water within her area. Good luck.
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    Buy a muzzle from local pet store or internet and put it on dog anytime you put the dog out. This is what we had to do after my wife's dog killed a chicken. She thought they were her play toys, and make sure even if chickens are not out put the muzzle on.

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