Dog house coop for Bantams?


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Mar 26, 2013
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I'm trying to find a dog house big enough to fit 7 bantams it would be in a large covered run and I plan on building a tractor or letting them free range with me watching. I just don't know the dimensions needed for such a thing. The plan is to start with 3 silkies and 2 frizzle cochins then keep two offspring from the silkie/cochin pair. A large doghouse would be perfect since none of these birds can fly and they all like cuddling together. this site has a lot of houses I could modify if needed, can someone point me in the right direction? I like this one because it has a door but would the large size fit all 7 if they had room to explore during the day?
I posted this in another thread but figured it may fair better standing alone, I just really like the dog house idea, it seems easier and possibly cheaper. Especially since I'm not very skilled when it comes to building anything really and my poor boyfriend is just about sick of trying to build a coop from scratch (he built one earlier this year, it was quite stressful) So I would like something that I could maybe put together on my own, or with only a small amount of help from him. I would appreciate any help I can get from my byc community, Thank you and I love you guys!
The problem with those houses is that it is difficult to clean out a coop unless you can lift the roof off or unless it has a nice large cleanout door. Gathering eggs and maintenance will be not so much fun while having to stick your hand way in there, stooping down.

I would look for a doghouse with a roof that lifts or a large cleanout door.

Also, only 1/2 inch hardware cloth will keep out rats and weasels which kill chickens, so if the dog houses are open-air, they will need to be fitted with a door that provides ventilation and security (unless it is well ventilated elsewhere).

It is possible to elevate the doghouse on something, making it easier to reach in.
see post #4

You also may be able to modify a rabbit hutch, as long as the ramp is easy to navigate and you train your silkies to use it (leave the food in the coop and don't help them down the ramp so they have to go up and down for their feed). They would need wind protection with additional plywood on the sides, as rabbit hutches are very open and breezy.
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Thank you for the links, I feel like I have a better understanding of my options and I will definitely be using hard cloth and probably putting it up on cinder blocks. Now if only I can find a dog house....

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