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I would suggest any cameras placed be done so in an area that is difficult to reach without a ladder or would force blatant trespass visible on the video system or back up cameras. Remember the mentality of the neighbors involved, I doubt they would hesitate to destroy or steal any cameras they felt would have evidence against them, or just out of spite.


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Dog owner now contacting me via Facebook. There is yet possibility of "civilized" civil discourse for resolving issue. This where we find out what he knows of my efforts to correct issues that may have been blocked by someone close to him.
Could go great...or right down the crapper.
Hopefully your comms are private rather than public.
Best of Luck to you.


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Mar 5, 2019
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Dog owner now contacting me via Facebook. There is yet possibility of "civilized" civil discourse for resolving issue. This where we find out what he knows of my efforts to correct issues that may have been blocked by someone close to him.
Do be careful. He can use your words against you and/or take them out of context. This is why/where a lawyer is useful. Best of luck to you. :hugs


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This will be brief. I have barn with groups of chickens penned in 10 x 10 dog pens. Another dog pen houses a dog during night and much of the day to keep predators from coming into barn. Another dog is penned at house and allowed out at night to patrol with its mother that is out 24 / 7. Barn has in total about two dozen chickens that are allowed to free-range the immediate vicinity of barn during the day. Barn is about 120 feet from property boundary. Neighbors their have nearly 10 dogs, a combination of Huskies, Pitbulls and a Rotwieller x German Shepherd. Fencing at property boundary designed for cattle so not dog tight. Neighbor dogs have been crossing property boundary for at least last couple months and steadily encroaching further over time to where they come into barn and challenge penned dog. The dogs also took a hen a couple weeks ago. Fencing started to be upgraded at property boundary until dogs demonstrated another access point that is not boundary with their owners and stretch much larger than I can afford for short term. Another inner perimeter is being constructed, also to protect incoming sheep and goats, especially during winter months. It is not yet complete and dogs move freely around it. This morning dogs came across and went after chickens. Old dog free-range all the time could not keep them out but did have some chickens find protection by moving in her direction towards house. I saw issue so shot one of neighbors dogs. Later owner was informed as his dogs came back over again that his dogs over in my barn area, actually in barn killing chickens. I came well into my property to collect his dogs. I informed to collect his dog carcass as well which he did. Many details left out, but threats leveled at what I presume are my dogs and both parties contacted county law enforcement. I'm within my rights, but may still have to deal with a civil suite in regards to loss of their dog. My dogs with my help have driven their dogs off multiple times. My defending chickens not held by dog owners to be sufficient so targeting their dogs.

I will be getting real particular with labelling property boundaries, but will have a lot of trouble making so entire property boundary is dog tight. This is the first time in my life to employ no trespassing. largely to prevent neighbors from coming on to embolden their dogs.
Sorry to hear you have a problem with neighbors dogs. Early last summer I had same problem except, my neighbors dogs couldn't access my property without the owners help! Long story short, I had to extend the height of my fence from 5 feet to 8 feet, and yes it was expensive to do. But I had no choice. I had talked to the owners of the dogs a couple of times, He's an arrogant jerk. I threaten to shoot his dogs next time I caught them on my property, he called the cops on me. It is legal for me to shoot & kill dogs/predators that get in my yard, I had pictures of my dead chickens, I had pictures, from a security camera, of his dogs on my property, I showed the officers receipts I had of purchase of fencing I used to heighten the fence. As I told the officers, I took all measures I possibly could before threatening to shoot. The officers agreed. I spent 2 weeks after that walking my property with a rifle in case the dogs owner was watching. I wanted him to know and believe I really would shoot. The problem has not returned. Like you, I have a dog, a Rottweiler, and he would go after dogs on his property, but I don't want him fighting so I don't let him out after the dogs. Thankfully though, the problem seems to have stopped and I didn't have to shoot the neighbors dog. So the only advice I can think of for you in regards to the lawsuit is, document everything, take pictures of everything and get a security/survailence camera - they're really affordable these days. Good luck, I'm sure you'll prevail in court. P.S. you might consider a counter suit for the loss of your girls, and any and all expenses you incur protecting your property from his dogs.

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