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9 Years
Feb 9, 2010
I got two Dorking hens from Murray McMurray Hatchery as day olds. The first day that I got them one of them died and the second day the other one died as well. Is this normal or was there something wrong with Murray McMurray Hatchery?

Thank you for your advice. I would like to know more about them if anyone has some info on them.
I have dorkings (not from the the same place you got them) and I didn't have many problems with them. I think one or two died young out of 25, but that may be expected.
Sorry for your losses....that's a total bummer.
I have three from Murray McMurray a roo and two hens (silver grey dorkings). I got them in April. The rooster and one of the hens are close to standard and could be worked with I think. The second hen is quite - hmmm "simpleminded" is the the word that comes to mind - truly not quite with the birdie program - but she's my baby so that's ok. Her coloring is good but her comb is not even close to correct. They are all three healthy though and I never have had any problems with the batch I got from McMurray. I had intended on ordering some from them again in the spring as I haven't had any luck with the two batches of shipped dorking eggs I bought to hatch.

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