Dripping + bleeding vent (warning - graphic photos)


13 Years
Jul 26, 2007
Mount Shasta, CA
Our Auricauna has had the runs, now it's turned to bleeding. She runs around the yard with everyone else, walks a bit uneasily, and she is gradually losing weight. We put her in a plastic tub at night with water and medicated chick feed.

What else would be appropriate help for her at this point?


keep her isolated. if your flock free ranges it would be your best choise until you know what's wrong with her.

maybe some one else could help in this matter.
You need to give her a bath, remove the feathers and poop and see what is happening under there. Post a photo of her cleaned up, and people will make suggestions based on what they see. All I can tell you is that something is bleeding in the area of her vent, and she has diarrhea. There may be a prolapse hiding under the mess, but we can't see. Or she could have bloody diarrhea. Or she could have a wound near her vent and diarrhea... treatment suggestions will be based on what is under there.
This is just so disgusting. Poor girl...

Wife is headed for store to get Preparation H, she thinks it is what you suggested - a prolapse. Brutal. How does this happen?


We gooped her up with Prep H, and shoved the whole mess back in. She wasn't very happy with us messing around back there but it looks like a vent again. Don't think I ever really wanted to know what it looked like with an inverted butt.

What about the diahrrea? Suggestions?
i would just sit back and wait. I strongly suggest separating her for a long while or it will happen again (chickens will peck it) Alot prolapses are due just to laying to early(hatchery early laying genetics) . I wish you had given her a bath before you had stuck it back in there. Less chance for infection.
Aside from washing it and pushing it back in with the Prep H (as you have done before), there isn't a whole lot you can do. Sometimes it takes a few times for it to finally stay in (so I have read....I haven't had to deal with a prolapse specifically). I wish you the best of luck!!

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