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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by muscovy94, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Quote:Oh they both have nice fluffy beard and cheeks! I just love petting my d'uccles and scratching their beards for them. They love it too!
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    Aug 19, 2011
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    Quote:Oh how sweet! You have to send me more pics as they mature!!!

    Millie is a cry baby. Sqwauks if anyone goes near her. Got cuddly with me for a while but then stopped.
    She-She will sit on my sons lap and just coo at him. The cutest thing, a boy and his chicken
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Quote:Oh how sweet! You have to send me more pics as they mature!!!

    WILL DO.....they are the sweetest and I have only had them 24hrs.
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    Quote:Oh how sweet! You have to send me more pics as they mature!!!

    See the love you are spreading Teddi??? He got the MF and I kept the Porcelains. We are both very happy!
  5. teddiliza

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    Well, yet again, I go to a show and I am the only adult showing d'uccles. So I was competing against myself and brought 9 birds. I was VERY pleased to see the junior show had 3 mille fleur, 2 golden necks, and 1 blue mille fleur! Missy's son won best of breed in the second show with the mille fleur pullet I sold him last year that was hatched from Muki's eggs (I can't remember the other part of her username, but I am definitely going to get more eggs from her next year as pretty as the patterning turned out on the hen!

    The judges were quite clear about who they liked the best out of my bunch, and here he is..... (Fabio) Fabio will get to lead the harem next year in my younger birds, but he's a bit skittish from being broody raised. I hope that's just a broody thing and not a genetic thing! I think the two younger guys didn't have as good a showing d/t that DARN LATE MOLTING!




    They liked my mille pullet the best in the mille fleur.

    I sold my hatchery porcelain rooster who was getting picked on and had a very long lanky neck, and my mille boy 'handsome' who's comb wasn't as good as the other boys, but had better color, but a little too much white in his beard I thought. The friend of the man who bought him thought I was crazy for selling him for only $5, stating with a cape as pretty as his, it alone would fetch $25 (fly tying). I said I hoped his friend would wait till Handsome was a ripe old age or earned that fate. I asked him later 'Where were you when I was trying to figure out who to put in the show cages and who to put in the sale cage?' I think he judges for them sometimes. He said any judge that's worth his salt might have only taken a point off for the comb, saying the color and the type was more important. Shucks! Ah well, live and learn. That's why I need you pros to help me! His friend who bought both of my roosters said he's seen some nice milles up in Unionville. Now I'm going to have to start looking!

    I had two roosters get mean on me today: Sugardaddy who attacked my hand and bit me, and my mille rooster 'King' who is top of the Mille pecking order. Both now get to be by themselves. I want to hang onto King, because his spots are very subtle, and I think next year after he molts he will be STUNNING! He has a pretty decent comb too. Sugardaddy, well if he hadn't picked the beards of the 3 hens I had in with him I might not have put him in 'solitaire'. I'm going to give those 3 poor little hens a break to grow their beards back before I put them back with 'Bo Diddly', my calmest and nicest porcelain roo who doesn't try to scalp the hens.

    Speaking of scalping, in my youngest porcelain coop, one little hen was scalped 4 days ago, and I brought her and another little hen inside for a few days. She got to go back in the coop yesterday before the show, and just had a small scab. Today I checked on her because she was yelling at me and she had been scalped worse! But now there's loose skin on her head where there is air under the skin. I am really concerned she is not going to recover. So I brought her in and used the peroxide to 'kill the germs', then rinsed off the peroxide with wet qtips because peroxide can damage your healing cells too, dried her head with a cotton swab, then put neosporin in the flap which had air in in then on her completely open area just behind her comb which already looked to have a small escar covering. [​IMG] I think I stressed her out with my doctoring more than the wound did. I sure hope she recovers! I'm concerned about it healing with an airpocket under the skin which might develop an abscess. I gave her a shot of Tylan just for good measure. Wish her & me luck & prayers!
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    Jul 22, 2011
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    Wow, Teddi! You sure had a busy weekend! Any idea what happened to your little hen? I mean how she is getting scalped? That is crazy! Congratulations on your show, even if you were against yourself. At least you are out there showing!
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    Apr 9, 2007
    Fabio is handsome!
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    Quote:1234Muki on Ebay? I got some Silkie eggs from her 2 1/2 years ago and this is what I got:
    Her birds are GORGEOUS!!! [​IMG]
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    Way to go! You had the best birds there [​IMG]. That's great that you received a judge's opinion on your birds and now you know who to breed and who not to. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Quote:wow he is so pretty congrats. hopefully i can find some shows that are close enough for me to take mine to

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