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  1. mstricer

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Teddi, I just thought I'd let you know, I just had my birds NPIP tested and when we got to the D'Uccle coop, she was impressed with, the Mille and the Porcelain girl, guess what......they are your babies, she kept commenting on them. How the Mille boy was gorgeous even though he did have that much black, she said his stance was dead on. The girls coloring was just beautiful. Keep up the good work. I can't wait till she starts to lay eggs. I only have the one female and need to get more. I thought you would be proud I'm going to try to get some pic's they were shy to come out and now since the testing they really are not big fans of me.
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    Muah ha ha (evil laugh). My master plan is at work..... I think I have been responsible for a few d'uccle converts......

    Soon, our plans will come to fruition and the d'uccles will start to challenge the other feather legged breeds for chicken world domination.......

    The time is at hand for us all to unite our powers and get to those shows next spring. 2012 will be the new era of enlightment which will begin what others will call the year of the d'uccle....

    [​IMG]. [​IMG]
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    Jul 22, 2011
    Northeast NC
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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Quote:Well, Teddi, you know I have always loved your birds! My coop is full of them.
    I had one extra boy that was not of your breeding but he passed away with the cooler weather we are having. Your birds are gorgeous and are hardy! The temperaments are much nicer, too.
    I have one fella in my extra roo pen (all from you) that I will put in the d'Uccle breeding pen now. And of course, I have all those new chicks from you!
    Yup, 2012, here we come![​IMG]
  5. WestKnollAmy

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    Quote:Geez, I can at least feel like I am not alone in having to deal with this stuff in my other pens. So far the d'Uccles are very good. But with my other breeds I am always watching out for crap like this. Pick, scuffle and cause problems is sometimes hard to cope with in some pens until you can figure out who gets along with whom.

    As for Fabio, you are right. Hen raised chicks are more skittish. I try to grab mine up every day when I go in a pen to feed but those little tykes can be quick! Though usually it is only the Silkies that raise chicks for me.
  6. Doug the Chicken Man

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    Well I have not posted in a while so I will keep it brief.

    We still have the pen with the Lemon Mille Boy which this week he will be geting his daughters mille split for Lemon moving in with him and his current girls are going in with the best looking of the male Mille Split for Lemon offspring.

    In our Lavender improvement we still have the lavendar boy and he is getting his Mille/Lavender Split girls moving in and his lave girl is going to one of the split roo's in the spring. Thus impoving the lavendar line for me. Some of the Mille Split for Lavendar are looking simular to lemon but I think it is actually silver being tinted by the corn in the feed.

    We have two pens of Mille Fluer one is Blue Mille Fluer and one is Black Mille Fluer.

    Then we get the last pen which has a blue mottled hen and a black mottled Roo. I am thinking about putting the only pure black split lave and the pure blue split Lav in with the Mottled to she how it goes that way the roo will have 3 hens to spread the wealth and not be to hard on the one girl.

    Now the wife is talking about porcelain in the spring. So here goes anouther coop building time.

    My daughter is in line with the D's taking over the Chicken world.

    from the crossing mille fleur to lavender we have had some realy unexpected results. I will have to see if I can get some pictures.
  7. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Quote:yes please do get some pics...were did you find the lemon's at i am looking for self blues(hens and 1 more roo) to
  8. wegotchickens

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    Jul 5, 2007
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    Quote:Doug, I had some strange surprises from the mf x lav crossings as well. I am taking a class with a lady from the Phillipines that has a PhD in chemistry including forensics (she was a CSI-type person in her home country). Anyway, she and I had a LONG talk about the effects certain chemicals can have on genetic outcomes. It was very interesting!
    Also kind of sad to think that there are that many chemicals in the feed, not just as preservatives but as derivatives from the fertilizers or pesticides used on the grains.

    My next sad thought was if those chemicals are having that much of an effect on poultry genetics, what could they be doing to the human ones?? She just shrugged when I asked, and gave me a sad look.
  9. wegotchickens

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Sevier County, TN
    Quote:I had a friend over last night, and was talking about my silkie/showgirls versus my d'Uccles, and that the d'Uccles were my favorites. Then I showed him around the coops and let him watch the birds and pet a few.
    He admitted the d'Uccles are his favorites, too. Especially the millies [​IMG]

    Yup, you know they're taking over the world when silkie evil doesn't suck someone in, and d'Uccle beauty wins!!! [​IMG]
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Quote:LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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