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Jul 8, 2021
My duck is 6 month old but does not seem to be growing as can be seen in online videos. I live in city and I don't have a Backyard. I keep him in a cage and sometime I leave him in the house, roof, he roams around. I feed him boiled rice. I tried with wheat, some sort of chicken food grainy kind of thing but he doesn't eat those thing. As of now he eats only rice but the amount seems to be less. I tried with other things soya chunks which he was very fond of and enjoying but all of a sudden he stopped. So now he eats only boiled rice but it seems to be less in amount. Proper duck food does not seem to present here in India. I have attache one of his photo. Does he seem ok, if not kindly suggest.


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i’m very sorry to say this, but can you find him a new home? he needs to live some place where he can be with other ducks, and spend time outside, and eating healthier things
Hi. The duck needs some grains like the chicken feed you mentioned. You can wean it from the boiled rice as it's not as nutritious for ducks. It most likely prefers the rice because it is what it is used to. The duck seems small to me and more pale than it should be. Do you have any peas? Peas are good for ducks. But, they should not be the main source of food.
Do you have any friends or neighbors that have ducks? Maybe ask around to see what they feed their ducks.
It is true that ducks like other ducks as company, if you could find your duck a friend, it would definitely help your duck to thrive.
I'm not sure what is available to you, but a good chicken feed would be your best option to feed your duck if there is no duck feed available.
Rice expands in a ducks stomach making it feel fuller than it is and causes them to not eat much the same with bread, pasta etc. You need to put your duck on proper duck feed or chicken feed at the very least supplement with Niacin and stop giving any treats until your duck is sufficiently eating poultry feed well. Also a duck that size should not be in a cage and ducks are social needing to be with at least one other duck.
Ducks grow very fast and the first weeks of growth is critical for them. I took in a duck that was feed lettuce and strawberries for the first week of its life. That duck is doing great now, but her growth was stunted. There is a good chance your duck may not continue to grow. Ducks require a lot of protein to grow their feathers, and the lack of protein in your ducks diet is likely preventing it from growing big and growing adult feathers.

As everyone else has already mentioned it needs a proper diet. Purina duck feed, unmedicated chick feed, all flock pellets, or a waterfowl feed. I agree it needs plenty of naicin found in nutritional yeast, brewer's yeast, or naicin or B3 vitamins. This helps their bones grow strong. Without it, ducks legs can bow out, preventing them from walking properly and even cripple the duck.

Like everyone said, ducks are social creatures. Unless you can be with the duck 24/7, the duck should not be alone. Because you don't have backyard for a duck, I would highly recommend finding the duck a new home. Ducks are outdoor animals. They want to be outside all of the time. While people may bring them indoors occasionally, they really belong outdoors.

I am sorry if I came off harsh. That is not my intention. I am just trying to better educate you on ducks. I know it may be hard, but I hope you will be willing to do the right thing.
That duck is malnourished, being kept in subpar living arrangement, and being mistreated.

Sorry if you take it as being mean or rude, please do some research before you just buy a pet. If you can't give it the correct living environment and care it requires then leave it alone.
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Thank you everyone for your valuable opinions. I already give niacin sometime. Should I add niacin with the water always? Today I have brought corn and a soya chunk. I am trying with corn today first, let see how it goes.
Thank you everyone for your valuable opinions. I already give niacin sometime. Should I add niacin with the water always? Today I have brought corn and a soya chunk. I am trying with corn today first, let see how it goes.
Hi. Niacin every day would definitely be beneficial. What is the soya chunks? Corn wouldn't have all the nutrients the duck needs. It needs balanced nutrition. I know that duck feed might not be available, but it sounds like chicken feed is. Can you get some chicken feed?

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