Jun 12, 2018
The Netherlands
I had 3 ducks before I got these, so I have a total of 5 females and 6 drakes. I knew I would have too many drakes, I just thought it wouldn't be this soon for them to start fighting. Ugh. Time to weed them out. I will only keep one drake.
Oh yes that is way too much drakes. Depending on your weather they can get sexually active early. We have really soft winters the last years; so most are going at it the whole year. It used to be; ducks born early in the year (spring) may or may not lay eggs/being sexually active untill the next spring; but had a good chance to do it the same year. Ducks born later in the year (summer/fall) probably not the same year. Due to soft warm weather they are ALL at it between 4-6 months. No egg-pauses or shedding anymore.. the weather is too off/nice to slow them down.

Did you manage to reduce the drakes?
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