Show Off Your Chickens And Ducks! - September 2nd 2019 *CHAT THREAD*



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Jan 4, 2019
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You/I/everyone! Come join this awesome thread! Please post pictures, share stories and lots more.
I am hoping to get this to be one of the biggest chat threads here on BYC.

If you own chickens or ducks, or are thinking about getting them, PLEASE JOIN!

You are all welcome. If you raise your chickens/ducks for food, (Meat/Eggs) or if you have them for pets.

First, you need to meet my flock.
I raised six chickens from chicks and they are all pets. :love They are about 25 weeks old and are all laying eggs. I have 3 Buff Orpington's and 3 Golden Laced Wyandotte's. I love them all for different reasons. Here is a list of names:

Buff Orpington's:

1. Marshy
2. Kiwi
3. Cream Puff

Golden Laced Wyandotte's:

1. Melody
2. Dazzle
3. Blamo

Now, here is the nick-names for the Buff Orpingtons: (I don't have any for the GLW's yet.)

Marshy -
Kiwi - Little Princess
Cream Puff - Fluffy Girl

Please Share Pictures and Stories! Oh - if you would like to be called a name other than your user, please say in your first post.

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I found something out today!
I always thought that my chickens had a favorite nesting box no matter what, but I guess i was wrong. My chickens just liked to lay where ever the fake egg was. Yesterday, I moved the fake egg to a different nesting box... all the eggs found today were in that nesting box. (The fake egg was in another nesting box for a long time. Then I moved it and this happened.)

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