Easter Eggers from Hatcheries


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
I was wondering about everyones experience with getting green or blue or brown eggs from easter eggers from different hatcheries.

For example I have gotten 3 ee's from McMurray and all of them laid green eggs.

How many ee's have you gotten from what hatchery and what percentage laid green/blue eggs?
I got two from Mt Healthy last January and both lay green eggs. Prior to that I got a pair from a local feed store (I think they got them from Privett but I'm not 100% sure) and of that pair, one lays green and one lays a pinky-browny color. I love them all though - their personalities are really funny and they're very outgoing.
McMurray 100 percent green
Ideal 100 percent green

Never came out with blue or other colors. A neighbor of mine had a flock of Ameraucanas a few years before I ordered mine, she had all sorts of colors, different shades of blue, green, a pink and one lavender all from McMurray.

Too bad she got lucky while the rest of us had green egg layers, nothing more.
Too bad she got lucky while the rest of us had green egg layers, nothing more.

Oh, no, I am not disappointed at all. I wanted the all green egg layers. I did not want any of the brown, yellow, pink, or lavender eggs because they all look brown to me. The blue eggs look green to me. So 100% green is exactly what I wanted and I am thrilled with my green egg layers.
I'm subscribing so I can see if anyone has ordered EE's from mypetchicken. I am getting 4 this spring, I am hoping for some green or blue eggs. It sounds like this mutt breed is nice for temperament, so I'm so I'll be happy no matter the egg color. :)
2 years ago I bought EEs from Meyer hatchery. They all looked like golden lakenvelders and laid the blue-est eggs. I hated to sell them! Strombergs, McMurray and Mt. Healthy laid all colors. (All purchased within the last 3 years)
My neighbor got 11 Easter Egger hens from Cackle. 8 laid blue/green eggs and 3 laid "pink" eggs.

I've had 5 Easter Egger hens from McMurray. 4 laid blue/green eggs and one laid brown eggs.
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We got five from Cackle in 2009. 2 laid green, 2 laid pinkish, and one laid blue. We got 6 from Cackle this year and I think we ended up with 4 green layers and one pale blue. One of the greens is a gorgeous moss green.

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