Egg Eating or just "new layer" eggs?

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    Apr 24, 2014
    Good Morning All,

    My 3 columbian rock hens started laying off and on about 2 weeks ago. We free range them a lot during the day in our fully fenced yard and I have checked all their favourite places to see if they have been laying places besides the coop, but we are only lucky to get 1 egg a day out of the 3 of them if that. I'm also having a lot of broken eggs and squishy ones that I know can be normal when first laying, but I thought after 2 weeks things would be evening out? I am especially concerned that we've had at least 1 egg that for sure looked they had eaten it. We check the coop for eggs as soon as the dogs go out (8am at the latest) and usually we let them out then, but I was concerned with them laying places other than the coop so we started checking on them but not letting them FR until 11am-12pm in hopes they would lay before going in the yard...well yesterday we got NO eggs and today my husband checked at 8am, no eggs, I went out at 10am and BAM egg...broken and half the shell outside in the run. I am at a loss as to what I should do. They are on an organic layer ration, I have been saving shells from other free range organic eggs and grinding them into a powder and just putting a tbsp or 2 in each litre of ration i put in the feeder. They have access to tonnes of insects, toads, plants, grass, and they get a corn, barley and puffed wheat "scratch" several times a day (just a handful when they go back in the run) thoughts?? TIA any advice is appreciated.
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    I was going to advise leaving them up during the morning hours, but you are, so.... don't know what to tell you. I have never had egg eater, but have heard of them. I don't know your schedule, but on a day off, I would take a book to read and set watch to verify they are indeed eating good eggs, doesn't sound good. The leathery eggs can take awhile to abate.

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