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    Please join me and post your emu pictures and stories here.

    My dear friend, The Sheriff, sent me a surprise package; 3 emu eggs! I incubated them. Day 50 came (March 10, 2012), and I was shocked that 2 hatched (one was a stinker and tossed out).


    The first one out waited patiently for the second one. I am sooooo glad I didn't end up with a lone emu.


    I was getting worried that they weren't eating. Day 3 they were very happy to eat kale and carrots.


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  2. The Sheriff

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    Great idea Kathy!
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    I hope to be posting pictures here in 47 days!
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    OMG!!! To cute:)

  5. kathyinmo

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    We went outside, for the first time, yesterday. It was too windy to stay long.



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    Mar 12, 2012
    Wow, they are adorable! We just got two emus (one male one female) last weekend from some friends who are downsizing and getting rid of their farm. They are settling in well and are very friendly! We have named them Thing One and Thing Two and are still learning to tell them apart. Our only difficulty so far has been our little chiweenie who insists on chasing them if he's off leash ... they got so upset they almost jumped the fence to get away! Now that would have been a disaster!

    I wasn't sure how I'd feel about them but I'm really enjoying them. We are getting a herd of alpacas on Saturday - the emus will be living with the boys in the front pasture, and the female alpacas will be in the back pasture. I'm really curious to see how the emus and alpacas get along... the emus used to live with llamas, but the alpacas have never seen an emu before.

    Really glad to have found this forum!
  7. kathyinmo

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    I took Fred and Wilma outside today to enjoy the beautiful weather. They are 16 days old today.


    They looked hot, so Tyler (my son) handed me a dish of water for them.
    They tried to get IN the water!


    And then......... they pouted because they couldn't fit.


    There was an old pan outside, so I filled it with water from the hose, as they watched.
    Wilma thanked me with a big smile, "Awww, yes, that's the ticket!"


    Fred tasted it.


    Wilma, then, jumped right in and stayed a while.....




    Wilma is a character, and obviously the most forward of the two.

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    When I first hatched out four chicks from this season, and they went outside to play... My male Merlin, their daddy, didn't want anything to do with them. He'd hiss and stomp at them through the fence. Now that they are three months old or so, he has all of a sudden been attracted to them. He started beating up my other male Henry, and jumping the fence to get to him.... Which he never does. He started following the chicks down the fence line and grunting to them. He acted like he wanted to be with them, but I was afraid as momma, Doodlebug can be a bit nasty at times. Zippy followed me into the pasture the other day and scooted under the corral panels. I thought I'd have to go save him as Merlin came up to him. Merlin was very calm, no hissing just grunting, a little pecking but not aggressive and followed Zippy around. Doodlebug watched but was less interested. Merlin watched Tamone outside the fence and then continue to follow Zippy around, next thing I knew they were all laying around each other ready for bedtime. I have been having a hard time getting the two chicks to come into the backyard at night, they have been wanting to sleep by the fence near Merlin. Today Zippy was eating dirt by the fence. Merlin came over and started eating it with him, very calm and careful..... It's Iike he knows now they are his..... :D
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    Soo cute!!! <3 Great father you have there!! ;)
  10. Tame Emu Guy

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    An Emu Story
    I bought a rooster and some hens to live in the chicken coop in the house-clearing. As per instructions, I kept the chickens in their new pen for a couple of days. On the third morning, I let them out to explore their new world. The rooster was brimming over with rooster-ness: ‘Look at me! I’m tough and brave, and I’m in charge of The Hen Project.’ The Hens, meanwhile, trailed along behind Rooster – ‘He’s my Rooster!’ they sighed.
    At that moment, I saw Greedy the Emu come into sight. Greedy and The Rooster spotted each other for the first time. Greedy put her head down and charged across the clearing at The Rooster. You could see the cogs going around in the Rooster’s head as it watched Greedy bear down on him: ‘Whoa!! This chicken’s feet are almost as big as me!! I’m out of here! (Abandon The Hens.)’ The Rooster ran straight under the shearing-shed, where he spent several hours conducting Secret Men’s Business.

    Supreme Emu
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